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HoRRoR Film Recommendations

WE ARE STILL HERE (genre: Horror)


After the sudden death of their college age son, Anne and Paul Sacchetti move out of the city in the dead of winter. They buy a large 19th century home in a small rural town called Aylesbury for a price they couldn’t turn down. In the course of settling in,  Anne believes she feels the presence of their deceased son Bobby in the house. A skeptical Paul does not share her belief. One night neighbors come calling at their door and sit down for drinks with the Sacchettis. The McCabes are lifetime residents of Aylesbury, and after welcoming their new neighbors they tell them that the house was once a funeral parlor with a dark history. Anne is not swayed from believing Bobby’s spirit is in the house and invites her psychic medium friend May and her husband Jacob to come stay to aid her in making contact. Not long after their arrival it becomes abundantly clear there is something very dark in the house besides the ghost of Bobby. The darkness and angry spirits rampage and wreak violence on those in the house. But is there something in the old town history even more evil than what inhabits the foundations of the house?

The VISIT (genre: Horror)

                                                   HoRRoRTheVISITtitle HoRRoRTheVISITgrandma HoRRoRTheVISITtDIAMONDstylus1         HoRRoRTheVISITbeccaAndNana HoRRoRTheVISITPoPpoP

Young teen siblings Becca and Tyler have never met their grandparents. Their mother ran out of her parents house with her boyfriend when she was still young and bad blood has left a rift of no communication ever since. But when Becca is doing a documentary about her family for school she talks her mom into letting her and her brother stay for a week with their estranged grandparents. A train ride into rural Pennsylvania takes them to the small town where their mother grew up and where their grandma and grandpa still live on a farm. What starts out as a sweet encounter between generations of a family soon becomes a strange stay. Pop Pop and Nana grow stranger and stranger in their behaviors, and when it becomes far more than just incidents of old age, the kids are left to fend for their lives! But what happened to their grandparents that left them this way? And what can Becca and Tyler do to survive their visit?

CLOWN (genre: Horror)


Realtor Kent McCoy loves his wife and young son. When the clown cancels on the day of his son Jack’s birthday party he digs up an old clown costume at one of his real estate listings and saves the day with an impromptu performance. His wife Meg and son Jack think it great fun until the day after when the clown wig, red nose, and costume won’t come off. Kent takes great measures to remove the clown garb, but nothing will take it off. Desperate for answers, Kent contacts the brother of the suit’s previous owner. Herbert Karlson has run a costume shop for many years, and he is well aware of the properties of the clown suit. When Kent meets him, Herbert explains that the origin of The Clown is no laughing matter, and is in fact a disturbingly dark story. He tells Kent that the inspiration for what is The Clown we know today was actually a monstrous demonic creature known as a Cloyne centuries ago. Herbert then reveals that the clown suit that Kent has put on is in reality the skin and hair of the cloyne demon, and further, only his death will prevent the monster’s evil from taking over his body. While his wife struggles to understand and his confused son wants his dad back, others chase Kent off and he goes into hiding. The clown suit continues to join with him. He becomes more and more a hideous clown-like creature that begins to hunger for the flesh of children. Will Kent’s wife be able to find a way to save him from the curse, or will Kent evolve into the ultimate twisted monster?

IT FOLLOWS (genre: Horror)

HoRRorITFOLLOWSposter1          HoRRorITFOLLOWSitarrives                              HoRRoRITFOLLOWSitsHERE

In a timeless suburban world with youths we could recognize within ourselves, a dreamlike atmosphere is soon made a nightmare. Jay is somewhere between a girl and woman and a child and an adult when she is thrust into a terrifying reality by trusting the wrong boy. Now, after a sexual encounter, something out there is coming for her. IT can look like anyone and IT will never stop no matter how long it takes to brutally kill the ones that have been marked. Will Jay’s neighborhood friends be able to help her evade the phantom threat that only those infected by the curse can see? Can they use the rules they’ve learned governing The Follower’s existence to hold off an inevitable horrific end?

The BABADOOK (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRTheBABADOOKstorybook  HoRRoRTheBABADOOKscream      HoRRoRTheBABADOOKmonster2    HoRRoRTheBABADOOKsam

Amelia is a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband on the very day her son was born. Sam, her young son is afraid of monsters and prone to anti-social behavior that isolates the two of them in their dreary home. Soon a disturbing storybook called Mister Babadook finds its way onto their doorstep. Amelia, already at her wits end with Sam’s misbehavior, falls into a dark duality when the book stirs the worst fears of the boy and causes him to act out further. The belief in The Babadook grows in Sam as he believes he sees it taking over his mother. The line between Amelia’s suppressed feelings and the great terrorizing darkness of The Babadook is blurred by the reality the mother and son share. Can they fight their way through the evil that has befallen them?

The CONJURING (genre: Horror)

                   THECONJURINGtitleTHECONJURINGBathsheba  THECONJURINGAnnebeldoll

In 1971 a family moves into a house that unknown to them once belonged to a devil worshipping witch. After many unexplainable terrifying happenings within the house they contact The Warrens, a husband and wife famous for investigating the paranormal. Will they be able to stop the evil in the house before it destroys the family? Also see: ANNABELLE, The CONJURING 2

 The CONJURING 2 (genre: Horror)


It is 1977 and famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren take a case in London which may change them forever. A young girl named Janet Hodgson is showing signs of oppression by an evil spirit the likes of which The Warrens have not seen before. Lorraine is still feeling the darkness that infected her in their infamous Amityville investigation and fears for Ed’s life after having a vision of his death. Also see: The CONJURING, ANNABELLE 

ANNABELLE (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRAnnabelle  HoRRoRAnnabelleTheBasement  ANNABELLE  HoRRoRAnnabelleDEMONonCeiling 

In 1960’s California political turmoil abounds, but when the supernatural enters the life of a young married couple expecting their first baby, it will be a battle for their lives. New doctor John finds the perfect gift for his pregnant wife Mia, a rare vintage doll to add to her collection. But they are unaware of the evil it will bring into their house. For after the doll is involved in the ritual death of a cult member that invades their home, it opens them up to an even more sinister force. A demonic creature comes to torment Mia, seeking to drive her to give it her soul! It is a case related to the investigative files of the infamous real life supernatural investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren that will leave no one unchanged. Also see: The CONJURING, The CONJURING 2

MAMA (genre: Horror)

Mama-01  HoRRorMAMAbanner HoRRorMAMAtwistedaunt     HoRRorMAMAnewfamily

When two little girls are abandoned in the woods by their father a seemingly motherly spirit that haunts the forest looks after them. When their uncle’s long search for them is finally successful five years later the girls are adopted by him and his reluctant girlfriend, Annabelle. While it is a struggle to help the girls adjust to a normal life after living feral in the woods for so long, Annabelle finds she cares for the girls more and more each day. But the ghost of Mama will not let her “children” go so easily and terror ensues…

SINISTER (genre: Horror)

sinistermovieposterimage    sinistermovieimage1HoRRoRSINISTERtrevorINaBOX   HoRRoRSINISTERMrBoogieBUHGHUUL

When a true crime writer named Ellison Oswalt seeks to renew his once celebrity by writing a book on the heinous murder of a family and the abduction of their young daughter he gets more than he bargains for. After moving into the house that was the crime scene with his own family he comes across a box of super 8 home movies in the attic. The films show not only the murder of the family he is writing about but also many other family homicides that seem to be connected over decades. He enlists the help of the local deputy who he dubs “Deputy So and So” to help him link the cases. But an obsessed Ellison becomes haunted by the images and increasingly paranoid in his continual viewing of the films for his book research. Soon he finds his family and himself part of the horrific events that surround the home movies.

SINISTER 2 (genre: Horror)


After getting involved in the investigation of the “Bughuul Murders” that true crime writer Ellison Oswalt began, small town cop “Deputy So and So” struggles to find and end the curse that has been killing families for decades… and even centuries. As he seeks out possible locations that may have been exposed to rituals dedicated to the evil deity Bughuul, he comes in contact with a scared single mother and her twelve year old twin sons. He becomes entangled in her messy custody dispute with an abusive husband, even as he explores the church property adjacent to her house where a horrendous mass killing took place. The now “Ex-Deputy So and So” believes it to be a recent link in a chain of “Mr. Boogie” killings separate from those he and Ellison Oswalt were connecting. While he does his best to protect the anxious boys and their endangered mother from her out of control ex-husband, he works urgently to discover a way to sever Buughul’s hold on reality. Meanwhile, the twins have a secret. They can see the ghosts of the children Mr. Boogie has corrupted in the past. The manipulative spirits expose one brother to the films they made of the killings of their own families done in horrifying ways in an effort to set him on the path of creating his own murderous film for Bughuul. Will “Ex-Deputy So and So” be able to stop Mr. Boogie’s legacy of brutal killings and taking of innocent children’s souls? Or will Bughuul grow his malignant influence to the farther reaches of our world?

INSIDIOUS (genre: Horror)


When a boy falls into a mysterious comatose state doctors can give his parents no answers. Strange occurrences bring his mother to the conclusion that the house they are living in is haunted. Upon the Lambert family’s move into a new house the haunting follows. The boy’s grandmother brings in a psychic named Elise who tells them it’s not the houses that are haunted but the boy himself! She explains that ghosts are using his body as a doorway to our world in an attempt to possess him. After a thorough examination of the boy’s surroundings by Elise and her paranormal investigators, Specks and Tucker, it is found that the supernatural circumstances around their son could not be more dire. His father must risk all to enter “The Further”, a dimension of lost souls and demons, to find his son’s spirit and bring it back to his body if he is to save him.

INSIDIOUS Chapter 2 (genre: Horror)

INSIDIOUS2EvilMotherGhost   INSIDIOUS2TheLambertsHoRRorINSIDIOUSch2TheBRIDEinBLACKparkerCrane   "Into The Further" Insidious: Chapter 2 Comic-Con 2013

The world of the supernatural is not done with the Lambert family. The haunted past of Josh, the father, returns to torment them. Specks and Tucker, the eccentric paranormal investigators who helped the Lamberts in the struggle for their son’s soul, come back with some help from one of Elise’s oldest psychic medium colleagues. Along with Josh’s mother, they attempt to solve the mystery of The Bride in Black through clues they believe are being left by the spirit of the deceased Elise. For the ghost of the murderous old woman in a black wedding gown seeks to possess Josh until its very malignance rots him and destroys the Lambert family. Will the warped history of the ghostly parasite and the horrors surrounding it be the end of those it has come to prey on?

INSIDIOUS Chapter 3 (genre: Horror)


Before Elise and her paranormal investigators Specks and Tucker were fighting alongside The Lambert family in their supernatural trials, they joined together for the first time in a case to help save a teenage girl from a parasitic evil spirit from the darkest recesses of “The Further” known as The Man Who Can’t Breathe. Will Elise be able to put aside her personal issues with her husband’s suicide to be there for the girl? Can Specks and Tucker handle their first real encounter with horrors from beyond? Or will the trio’s first test together fail in the face of deepest darkness?

The RING (genre: J-Horror)

HorrorTheRINGtitle  HorrorTheRINGsamara01HorrorTheRINGsamaraOutOfTheWELL   HoRRoRTheRINGdeformedvictim

After the death of her teenage niece under bizarre circumstances, Seattle reporter Rachel Keller looks into the urban legend of a video tape that curses its viewers to die seven days after it is watched. Soon after watching the video herself she experiences terrifying visions related to what she saw on the tape, and rushes to find clues to its origin. Rachel discovers the video is linked to a strange young girl who went missing many years ago named Samara. The girl seemed to affect everyone and everything around her disastrously before her disappearance, but was Samara an evil force or only the first victim? What is the truth of the evil mystery behind the cursed video tape? When Rachel’s curious young son Aiden, who feels much of the paranormal happenings around them, is exposed to the tape she renews her desperate efforts with what time she has left in her seven days to stop the deadly force behind it. Can she end its plague on viewers or will the last thing she sees before she dies be The RINGAlso See: The RING twO

THE GRUDGE (genre: J-Horror)


In Japan many believe that when an incident of great violence and madness occurs it leaves a supernatural imprint on that place that affects all who are in its presence and dooms them to the fate of those who were cursed before them. An American nurse working in Tokyo encounters this vengeful curse when she enters a house where a Japanese family came to be horribly murdered at the hands of an abusive and jealous father. Following the murders new residents met with horrifying deaths and the chain can never be broken unless a way to end the ancient evil can be found. Also See: THE GRUDGE 2 & THE GRUDGE 3

V/H/S (genre: Horror Anthology)

HoRRorVHStitlecard  VHSstaticTVsHoRRorVHSgargoyleGIRL VHS2aliensHoRRoRVHSviralREAPER

A criminal gang of friends who video all their depraved exploits take on a job to break into a decrepit house with the goal of retrieving a singular VHS tape. Though the recorded contents of the tape are unknown to them, their unseen benefactor has told them they will know it when they see it. After breaking into the supposedly derelict house, they find a never ending stockpile of videotapes in the dark and damp basement. The rest of the house is lit by little more than the blue static of buzzing empty television screens. In the eerie light they find an overweight corpse of a man in an armchair staring dead-eyed at the T.V.s, all of which are hooked up to dusty VCRs and nearly buried in VHS tapes. The delinquent bunch continue on with the job of searching the house for the “standout tape”, with one staying behind in the room with the video players and the bloated dead guy to watch the tapes strewn all around. As the enigmatic home videos from many diverse sources are reviewed, it is found that one is more disturbing than the next, and the house may not be as empty as they believed it to be. The terror and horrific oddities playing out on the VHS segments seem to wake something in them and around them, and they may find themselves just another urban legend committed to the magnetic tape of a VHS video. Also see: V/H/S 2 and V/H/S Viral

The Gravedancers (genre: Horror)

gravedancers TheJudgeGraveDancers

When a group of friends loses one of their own they seek to celebrate his life by visiting the graveyard where he is buried at night for a party. In their drunken partying they dance on graves. As days pass each of the friends begins to be tormented by supernatural happenings. Seeking out the help of paranormal investigators, they learn that their dancing on the graves was burial desecration and it has enraged the dead. It just so happens that the graves in question were in the undesirable section of the cemetery and the dead resting there were demented killers in life. The friends must find a way to appease the offended dead or the wrathful spirits will not stop until they too are dead.

Let Me In (genre: Horror)

LETMEINtitle  LETMEINowenandabby

Owen is a lonely boy caught in the middle of his parents divorce. Bullies at school pick on him constantly. He dreams of having the power to fight back. Then one day a man and his daughter move into the apartment next door. He meets the girl one night in the building courtyard. The girl, Abby, seems very strange. She says they can’t be friends but soon they are inseparable every night. She teaches Owen to stand up for himself. But soon Owen finds out a horrible secret about Abby. She is not a little girl and she has a thirst for blood. Also see: Let the Right One In (Original Swedish film version, with English subtitles)

WAKE WOOD (genre: Horror)


A veterinarian named Patrick and his wife Louise, along with their young daughter Alice, are getting used to newly living in a remote Irish town called Wake Wood, when unimaginable tragedy strikes. Alice is mauled by a dog under Patrick’s care and killed, sending the parents into a deep depression. When Patrick tells the town’s mysterious patriarch Arthur that he and his wife will be moving, he is given an unbelievable offer in exchange for staying and continuing to look after the well being of the village’s livestock. Arthur promises Patrick and Louise he can bring their daughter back from the dead for three days so they can see her one last time and properly say goodbye. Though in disbelief, the grieving parents agree to the deal. Arthur makes it clear that it will only work properly if Alice has been dead less than one year. Desperate to see their daughter again, Patrick and Louise lie about how long Alice has been buried. Soon Arthur leads the close knit community of Wake Wood in a resurrection ritual shocking to the parents but seemingly familiar to the descendants of the old village. Patrick and Louise are amazed and overjoyed to see their daughter pulled from a muddy cocoon in perfect health. Over the following three days they spend lost time with Alice while some in the town become convinced something is tainted in the girl’s return. Alice sees their worst fears into being as the little girl grows dark and violent. Even as their resurrected young daughter is slyly going about killing those town folk who would stand in her way of continued life, Louise reveals to Patrick that she is pregnant. The revelation softens the blow of knowing they must aid the town in ending the corrupted life of their reborn daughter. But Alice has shown she will not go quietly back into the woods to a peaceful grave. She now hungers for life and death in equal parts. Will her regretful parents and the villagers be able to end the bloodshed?

The Other Side of the Door (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRTheOTHERsideoftheDOOR  HoRRoRTheOTHERsideoftheDOORmaria HoRRoRTheOTHERsideoftheDOORindianMYSTIC  HoRRoRTheOTHERsideoftheDOORindianDEATH

Mariah becomes consumed with guilt after losing her young son Oliver in a tragic accident while living in India. She learns of a remote Hindu village where visitors to a temple can commune with the dead one last time. But the grieving mother disobeys the dire warning to never open the door the spirit calls from and Oliver’s restless spirit returns changed. An evil darkness has taken hold of his ghost that sets it to destroying the family he knew in life. Following him is the Indian manifestation of death itself that seeks for a soul to pay for the other worldly law that was broken.

Flatliners (genre: Horror/Suspense)

FLATLINERStitle FLATLINERSNelson                 FLATLINERSBillyMahoney

Are you afraid to die? A med student named Nelson seeks answers to the great questions: What happens after death? Is there an afterlife? He drafts his fellow medical student friends into a reckless experiment in which they temporarily flatline themselves to get a look at the otherside. One factor Nelson didn’t consider is what might follow them back from beyond. As each of the “flatliners” returns from death they are haunted by the sins of their pasts. They must reconcile with those they’ve wronged to escape their torment. Will Nelson make peace with his sin, the accidental death of a boy he bullied in his youth named Billy Mahoney, before the malicious and violent ghost of the boy flatlines him for good?

The Blair Witch Project (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRTheBlairWitchProject   HoRRoRTheBlairWitchProjectMISSING HoRRoRTheBlairWitchProjectHEATHER  HoRRoRTheBlairWitchProjectJOSHHoRRoRTheBlairWitchProjectMIKE  HoRRoRTheBlairWitchProjectCORNER

What starts out as a trip for three filmmakers to shoot a documentary about the haunting lore surrounding the legend of The Blair Witch quickly unravels into days lost in a seemingly never ending woods. By night terrifying noises echo through the forest and dark forces move unseen. By day ritualistic wooden figures are found left outside their campsite. As morale weakens, and physical weariness takes hold, the group becomes in danger from infighting as well as the evil mysteries of the woods. Soon they realize they may not be shooting a documentary only about The Blair Witch, but their own horrifying demise as well!

Paranormal Activity (genre: Horror)

                                   HoRRoRParanormalACTIVITYtitleIMAGE HoRRoRParanormalACTIVITY3thegirls HoRRoRParanormalACTIVITY4 HoRRoRParanormalACTIVITYghostDimension HoRRoRParanormalACTIVITYghostDimensionTOBY

Generations of a family, and those who come in contact with video tapes documenting demonic activity they’ve left behind, investigate and struggle against an evil supernatural force. Happenings set into motion by a coven dedicated to dark witchcraft link two sisters with a demon known to them in childhood as Toby. Their lives are forever altered by the dark events that forever curse their family. Can anyone decipher the clues to the evil conspiracy before it is too late for all involved? Also see: Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity 3, Paranormal Activity 4, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Grave Encounters (genre: Horror)

HorrorGRAVEencountersLANCEPrestonLOSTlogo  HorrorGRAVEencountersGHOSTgirlHorrorGRAVEencountersTheTEAM HorrorGRAVEencountersBloodyDoctorGHOSTHorrorGRAVEencountersHELL0scratch

When a jaded crew of a ghost hunting T.V. show look for big ratings by filming in a supposedly haunted abandoned hospital they get far more fear than they ever bargained for. After losing their bearings and finding every turn appearing like the last, things go from horrible to horrifying when deformed spirits descend on them from the endless black corridors of the derelict facility. But what will get them first, the vengeful ghosts or insanity?

Grave Encounters 2 (genre: Horror)

HorrorGRAVEencounters2titlecardPOSTER HorrorGRAVEencounters2HIDING HorrorGRAVEencounters2TallGHOST2 HorrorGRAVEencounters2TallGHOST1

When a film student comes across the found footage documentary of the GRAVE ENCOUNTERS T.V. show from the old hospital he needs to know if it was all just a big hoax or if it could really be real. He does as much research as possible on those involved in its making but his new obsession won’t let him stop for answers there. He talks his friends into finding the so-called haunted hospital site from the movie and go in to see for themselves what was real and what was just for television. Unfortunately for them the haunting of the condemned hospital is all too REAL and they are sent desperately running for their lives with no sign of escape in sight and murderous phantom entities around every corner! Their only hope may be a connection to the late ghost hunters crew that met a similar end before them.

NEEDLE (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRNEEDLEposter2   HoRRoRNEEDLEposter1

Ben Rutherford is enjoying his life at a small Australian college when he inherits a strange box from the estate of his deceased father. The ornate box is a mystery to him, and though his father was an antiques dealer, Ben has never seen anything like it. His friends find it momentarily fascinating but soon conversation among them turns to what its monetary value might be. Not knowing what to do with the box, Ben tosses it under his bed. When one of his professors shows interest in the item and possibly has knowledge of its origins, Ben brings photos to her office. It comes to be known that the box is called “Le Vaudou Mort”, and that in theory it is a voodoo machine utilized for vengeance. But the box goes missing and Ben can’t be sure if it was stolen for its value or for darker motives. Soon after the box disappears his best friend turns up dead, somehow electrocuted from the inside out. His estranged older brother is the photographer for the coroner’s office, and while there is a grudge held between them, Ben accepts his help after a second friend is found impossibly dismembered and burned from an unknown force. When the brothers realize that someone is acting out revenge on Ben by using the dark power of the box on his circle of friends, they must find out who and why before everyone close to him is horribly killed by its evil.

The OMEN (2006) (genre: Horror)


Unknown to the world our darkest apocalyptic fears have been made manifest as an unspeakable horror is unleashed in secret in the form of a boy. Ignorant of the truth, United States diplomat Robert Thorn substitutes his own stillborn baby with The Devil’s own to spare his wife heartbreak. But after a series of grotesque murders and dire warnings, the Thorns must face the chilling realization that their child is the son of Satan! Also see: The Omen (1976)

The HOUSE of the DEVIL (genre: Horror)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      HoRRoRTheHouseOfTheDevilDarkHallHoRRoRTheHouseOfTheDevilMrULMAN    HoRRoRTheHouseOfTheDevilMrsULMANHoRRoRTheHouseOfTheDevilMOTHER

It’s the middle of the 1980s, and amidst the complacency of the ceaseless Cold War a less rational fear seems to have reared its head, that of Satanic Cults. Tabloid news and even the mainstream newspapers speculate about missing children and murdered women being the victims of Devil worshipping cults across the country with little facts or proof. People’s lives go on as normal of course, full of daily routine and everyday uneventful happenings. One seemingly ordinary girl, a financially struggling college student named Samantha, is trying her best to find her own place to get out of the dorms and away from her annoying roommate. When she comes across a notice on a school message board looking for a babysitter for that night, she thinks she may be able to pull together the cash to get the rental that she looked at and loved. Though wary of the out of the way address, Samantha’s friend drives her out to the house that evening where the babysitting job is located. They take note of the night’s lunar eclipse phenomenon as they drive through the dark woods. Once at the residence they meet a slightly creepy Mr. Ulman. Though he is oddly tall and strangely slender, he is hospitable enough for the girls to find him harmless. He seems a little anxious as he takes Samantha aside in the kitchen for a private conversation. Mr. Ulman explains he has misled her with no ill intention, and that he does not have a child but an elderly mother that needs watching. He promises that she needs no direct attention, as she will be staying in an upstairs bedroom asleep in bed and that they just need her there to be on the safe side and keep an eye on things. Samantha very nearly decides to leave, but when Mr. Ulman offers to increase her pay she can’t resist, knowing that getting her own place is in the balance. Reluctantly her friend leaves her there and promises she’ll be back to get her later. Not long after Samantha meets Mrs. Ulman, a rather bizarre darkly dressed woman who has no qualms with speaking her mind to young women. When the Ulmans leave for the night, Samantha feels very unsettled in the house. She feels like someone is watching her and that something isn’t right. A slow fear builds in her as she explores the dark house, jumping at all the creaks and cracks. Amid out of place items she discovers the situation is not what it seems. The food she was offered to eat while there makes her feel sick and soon her senses can’t be trusted. Upon the Ulman’s return her world is turned upside down and the Satanic hysteria that has infected the public’s fears becomes very real for Samantha.

THE EXORCIST (genre: Horror)

THEEXORCISTtitle     THEEXORCISTrisingReagon  


When the daughter of a famous actress shooting a film in Washington D.C. appears to be possessed by a demonic entity where can the mother turn for help saving her? With doctors clueless as to a treatment, she finds a local priest who is struggling in matters of faith in the wake of his mother’s death and begs him to help. After a gruesome death at the house it becomes clear there is an unholy danger unbound. With the added assistance of an elder priest who has witnessed the terrors of demon possession in his past an exorcism is attempted to free the innocent girl from the grip of The Devil!

The SHINING (genre: Horror)

THESHININGheresJohnny  THESHININGcreepytwins                      THESHININGredrum

Jack Torrance aspires to write a book and finds what he believes to be the perfect job to offer him the time and solitude to do it. The Overlook Hotel closes down every winter as its mountainous road becomes impassable with snow, and a live-in caretaker is needed for that time. Jack gets the job. He brings his wife and son, Danny, with him. Danny has the ability to see into the supernatural world and he has seen bad omens surrounding their move to the hotel. Once moved in, Jack becomes obsessed with his writing and his irritation with his family’s presence grows. He begins to be influenced by a dark presence in the hotel. It seems a previous caretaker murdered his family there some time ago prior to the Torrance’s arrival. All the while Danny is overwhelmed by visions of the dead who occupy the space around them. With cabin fever setting in and the push of the evil embedded in the hotel, Jack goes crazy and stalks his wife and son with an axe, seeking to kill them just as his predecessor did his own family.

CARRIE (genre: Horror)

CARRIEbloodyCarrie   CARRIEflamingCarrie 

CARRIE2013four CARRIE2013one

Carrie is a tortured high school student shunned by her peers for her shyness and strange behavior. Her mother is a religious zealot who torments her at home with abuse in the guise of spiritual teaching. As Carrie comes of age as a woman she finds she has mysterious powers. She developes telekinesis and is able to move objects with nothing but her mind. When a good intentioned girl at school has her popular boyfriend invite Carrie to the prom other students turn it into a sadistic prank. With Carrie humiliated in front of everyone at the dance her powers become unrestrained with deadly consequences. Also see: CARRIE (2013)

Night of the Living Dead (1990) (genre: Horror)

NotLDzombie1   NoftLDzombie2NotLDzombie3

When Barbara goes to put flowers on her mother’s grave with her bullying brother, she is terrified to find that corpses have come back to life and are wandering the cemetery and the surrounding countryside. When the undead attack them, Barbara flees to a farmhouse where she meets others who are hiding out from the reanimated dead. Soon the shambling zombies breaking into the house hungry for human flesh. Will Barbara find the inner strength to escape the living dead? Will she survive the night? Also see: Night of the Living Dead (1968 original)

POLTERGEIST (genre: Horror)


A family is terrorized with a terrifying haunting after the young daughter makes contact with supernatural forces and is subsequently abducted by them into a spirit dimension. The parents bring in a paranormal investigation team when they don’t know what else they can do. The investigators do their best to find answers to the otherworldly happenings in the house, only to realize they may be outmatched. And when they too cannot locate the missing girl, a renowned psychic is brought in to make contact with the malevolent powers that have overtaken the home. Also see: Poltergeist (2015), Poltergeist 2, Poltergeist 3

OCULUS (genre: Horror)


Tim and his sister Kaylie, now young adults, had a tragic childhood. A mysterious centuries old ornate mirror caused a terrible end to their once happy and ordinary family. While Tim has spent his teenage years in an asylum learning how to deal with his loss and his confused perception of what happened, Kaylie has been planning to find the mirror once again and will stop at nothing to prove it is possessed of evil. She is set on destroying it after she has proven with video and scientific evidence that there was something supernatural that tore apart her family eleven years earlier. A bloody history follows the line of owners of the mirror known as The Lasser Glass, interwoven with heinous deaths and violent mutilations. But with Tim doubting what they saw in their shared past, and the mirror capable of distorting reality around them, can Kaylie finally end the terrible power of the cursed mirror? Or will they simply be its next victims?

The Lazarus Effect (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRTheLazarusEffectTITLEcard  HoRRoRTheLazarusEffectHangingAround HoRRoRTheLazarusEffectBURNEDhands  HoRRoRTheLazarusEffectMANIFESTED

A team of scientists who were researching cures for disease discover the true nature of their work may offer the possibility of bringing the dead back to life. While first experimenting on animals, when one of their own unexpectedly dies, they use the method to bring her back. But soon they find she did not return from beyond as herself, for something evil infected her and now they must all face the consequences of their actions.

The Woman in Black (genre: Horror)

thewomaninblacktitle thewomaninblack1

In early 1900’s England Arthur works at a firm and takes care of his son after the death of his wife. He has been distraught for some time and is in danger of losing his job and falling into financial ruin. Knowing he can’t fail his son he takes a job for the firm investigating a backwater abandoned property called The Eel Marsh House in a small rural town far from London. Many children in the town have died and the people blame a curse that originated at the house Arthur is going to settle affairs with. It is said that the phantom of a woman in black resides in the house and that any time she is seen one of the town’s children die a mysterious death. Arthur doesn’t believe in their superstitions and pushes on with his job. But as soon as he starts seeing the ghostly woman in black within the house the children in town begin suffering horrible deaths. When Arthur can no longer deny the reality of the curse he seeks to make things right to end the deathly grasp The Woman in Black has on the town’s children and their families.

CRIMSON PEAK (genre: Horror)


Edith Cushing is an ambitious young woman of the late 19th century aspiring to be a writer like Mary Shelley. Her mother died when she was only a child, and to Edith’s horror visited her one night in the ghostly form of a black ghoulish skeleton. The nightmarish ghost warns her to stay away from a place called Crimson Peak. She grows up living a protected life under the roof of her wealthy engineer father. Edith is an outsider among the well-to-do social circles that surround her but maintains a friendship with a young doctor named Alan. She finds herself thrown for loop when a handsome British baron named Thomas Sharpe arrives in town with his mysterious sister Lucille, seeking investors for his mining invention. While her father mistrusts Thomas at once, his charm and interest in Edith’s writing win her over. Even as she is falling in love with the baron her father uncovers a shady history in his past and aims to chase him off. But when tragedy strikes Edith runs to Thomas and not long after marries him. She moves with Thomas and his sister Lucille to his estate in a remote and dreary corner of England. The great mansion on the land has fallen into disrepair and is slowly sinking into the muddy red clay earth its foundations are built on. Though it is drafty and dilapidated Edith still sees the old beauty of the house and makes the best of the circumstances. But after she starts seeing gruesome ghosts in the dark corridors she nearly falls into madness. When the haunting points her to clues long lost in the decrepit mansion Edith finds herself in a dangerous mystery that may cost her life. Back in her former home, her doctor friend Alan is turning over clues of his own and questioning the legitimacy of Thomas Sharpe’s intentions for Edith. Amidst terrifying visions of ghosts and the secretive whispers of Thomas and Lucille, Edith bides her time looking for the truth. But when the punishing winter strikes the secluded estate it may be too late for Edith to escape the twisted darkness of the place she learns is known as Crimson Peak.

Bram Stoker’s DRACULA (genre: Horror)

DRACULAtitle  DRACULAbatmonster

Vlad, ruler of Transylvania, is called away from his homeland to fend off the invasion of the Turks in 1462. His beloved Elizabeta is misled to believe he was killed in battle by his vengeful defeated enemy. In her despair she throws herself off the castle tower, plunging to her death in the river below. Vlad returns a hero having staved off the turkish invaders, but upon finding his Elizabeta dead he rebels against the church and curses God. In his damnation he becomes an immortal preternatural creature of the night, the vampire DRACULA. He lives ages in his castle waiting for the day his undying love will be resurrected. Finally the day comes when Jonathan Harker comes calling to Castle Dracula to close some property purchases the count has made in London. When Dracula becomes aware Harker is the fiance’ of the reincarnation of his lover he imprisons him in his castle under the watch of vampire succubi. Dracula travels to London disquised as a wealthy prince and seeks to win the heart of Mina, Harker’s betroved, and the reincarnation of Dracula’s beloved. In Jonathan’s absence Mina is nearly seduced by Prince Vlad. When Mina’s best friend Lucy, who herself is in search of a suitor, is ravished and ravaged by Dracula she is turned nosferatu. Doctor Abraham VanHelsing is called in to investigate her peculiar condition. VanHelsing has studied many rare diseases and is well versed in the occult and recognizes that Lucy has become a vampire to the horror of her band of would-be suitors. After Jonathan escapes Castle Dracula he and VanHelsing along with the men who sought Lucy’s hand in marriage hunt for the vampire count seeking to destroy his evil once and for all. Will Mina be able to shun Dracula’s love or will her connection to him damn her for eternity?

Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN (genre: Horror)


In 1793 young doctor Victor Frankenstein’s obsession with defeating death leads him to create an unnatural life. His “creation” is a monstrous patchwork of human body parts taken from dead convicts with the brain of a deceased brilliant scientist who was Victor’s mentor in fringe science and medicine. When the hideous creature realizes he will never be accepted in society, he decides to take murderous revenge on Dr. Frankenstein and his family. Can Victor protect his beloved Elizabeth from the consequences of his terrible experiment? The doctor’s only chance to survive his monster is to create a mate for him. But where will the parts for The Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster come from?

The WOLFMAN (genre: Horror)


Blackmoor, England 1891. Lawrence Talbot is lured back to his father’s country estate after the gruesome death of his brother by a beastly animal. But it is no mere beast that is killing people in the moors. Something ungodly is awakened by the full moon. For his own peace of mind and to give closure to his late brother’s fiance Gwen, Talbot must find the secret of his family’s connection to the bloodthirsty Wolfman. But in his search will he become the monster himself?

SLEEPY HOLLOW (genre: Horror Comedy)

HoRRoRSleepyHollowTheHeadlessHorseman HoRRoRSleepyHollowJACKoLANTERNscarecrowHoRRoRSleepyHollowICHABODcraneG0GGLES HoRRoRSleepyHollow03 HoRRoRSleepyHollowTheHessianDemon

As the end of the 19th century approaches, constable Ichabod Crane questions the current archaic practices of the law around him. When he is sent to solve the mystery of a series of morbid murders in a small rural town by the name of Sleepy Hollow, Crane is determined to disprove the claims of a supernatural killer at large. But when his newly developed logical crime detecting skills are thwarted amidst the taking of victim’s heads by a demonic headless horseman, Ichabod must go against his very beliefs to save the people of the town. But can he trust his instincts around the lovely young woman he’s taken a romantic interest in, whose ways of witchcraft remind him of the mother he lost in his youth? Will Ichabod Crane lose his head before the black magic fueling The Headless Horseman accomplishes its ends?

SWEENEY TODD: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (genre: Horror Musical)


A formerly good natured barber and family man returns from an exile imposed on him seeking revenge on the man responsible for the demise of his wife and the abduction of his daughter. Sweeney Todd becomes a murderous madman with a straight razor after setting up a new barber shop above a seedy bakery. While cutting throats and spilling blood to slake his rage, he finds the perfect partner for his bloody pursuits in Mrs. Lovett, a struggling baker, who begins to prosper in business after cooking Sweeney Todd’s victims into her meat pies. Will Sweeney find his heart upon the appearance of his now grown daughter? Will he finally get his vengeance on the man who took his life from him? Will the grotesque rampage of mayhem end?

The RAVEN (genre: Horror/Mystery)


1849 Baltimore. While investigating a horrific double murder a detective makes a startling discovery. The killer’s methods mirror the twisted writings of Edgar Allan Poe. After Poe is cleared as a suspect himself he is dropped into the middle of the investigation that sees his dark stories come into hideous reality. In a deadly game of cat and mouse that comes to involve the abduction of Poe’s fiance Emily, the stakes are raised with each Poe inspired gruesome slaying. Will Poe stop the madman behind the murders and the kidnapping of Emily before all his shocking tales are brought to chilling life…and death.

From Hell (genre: Horror/Mystery)

FROMHELLtitle  FROMHELLAbberline  FROMHELLthegirls

Jack the Ripper brings a reign of terror to the streets of Whitechapel, London in 1888. The prostitutes who populate the poor and seedy part of the city have been found horribly murdered with organs missing. Who is Jack the Ripper? The mystery is brought to light in a story that poses the possibility that an elaborate conspiracy is behind the killings. Inspector Abberiline, a detective with the uncanny ability to have visions of unsolved crimes after death took his wife and unborn child, is on the case. Can he solve the Whitechapel murders even as he begins to fall in love with Mary Kelly, one of The Ripper’s intended targets? Will the shadowy conspirators who know the truth and seek to hide it stop him from finding the answers that Abberline will stop at nothing to uncover?

Interview with the Vampire (genre: Horror Drama)


As a living man centuries ago in 1791, Louis courted death in the wake of his wife’s demise in childbirth. Enter The Vampire Lestat, a charismatic immortal who offers Louis freedom from human suffering and death. Louis accepts Lestat’s offer to make him a vampire only to find regret in his need to drink blood and therefore kill. Soon the two vampires become at odds and the only temporary fix is the addition of the vampire child Claudia to their preternatural family. But Claudia begins to resent her perpetual child form and grows to hate Lestat for making her. The peace between Louis and Lestat is short lived also and Louis finds himself part of Claudia’s scheme to destroy Lestat and escape to Europe in search of other vampires like them. Will the coven of vampires they encounter welcome them in or will Louis and Claudia have found something worse than Lestat? Can Lestat die or will he rise again?

RAVENOUS (genre: Horror)


1847, The Mexican-American War. John Boyd has received a commendation for valor for single handedly overtaking a mexican fort. His commanding officer is suspicious of Boyd’s exploits and senses deception in it. The general is right, for Boyd had actually played dead on the battlefield for fear of fighting. After the skirmish he was thrown in a pile of dead fellow soldiers. After blood dripped from their bodies into his mouth and down his throat, Boyd suddenly found the strength to raid the mexican fort and overtake it by himself. Confused and unsteady after the incident, Boyd gives no protest to being “rewarded” with a transfer to a remote outpost in The West near the Sierra-Nevada mountains by the distrusting general. The fort is on the edge of the frontier and manned by a group of misfit soldiers and indians. Nothing much happens in the outlying snow strewn landscape until a disheveled half frozen man collapses on their doorstep. He says his name is Calqhoun and that his wagon convoy was lost in the mountains. Boyd and the others listen intently as he tells a horrible story of the survivors having to resort to cannibalism after their food supplies became depleted and people started dying off. Calqhoun begs them to send a rescue party for the remaining lost settlers that are still alive. When Calqhoun leads Boyd and his men to the cave where the survivors are supposed to be they find that all who were there have been eaten. It seems Calqhoun killed and ate them all and then led the search party into the wilderness for the same purpose. He attacks and kills the rescuers one by one with supernatural speed and strength. Calqhoun has become a horrific man-eater of great powers that the indians call a Wendigo. Boyd is the lone man to escape when he jumps off a cliff into a tree canopy. When Boyd returns to the fort after an arduous journey sometime later he is shocked to find that the monstrous cannibal Calqhoun has been given command of the post using the false identity of a colonel named Ives. Can Boyd convince the rest of the fort regiment that “Colonel Ives” is truly the evil man that murdered and consumed the others? Can he stop Calqhoun before entire wagon trains of men, women, and children pass through the region in the spring bringing the cannibal unlimited prey to eat and feed his immortality?

NIGHTBREED (genre: Horror)


After a man named Boone has disburbing dreams of a city filled with monsters and visions of a series of killings he seeks help from a psychiatrist. When the doctor incriminates Boone for the murders the police shoot and kill him outside a mysterious cemetery called Midian where he was looking for answers. But the man was bit by something while in the graveyard that brings his corpse back to life. Now he must return to Midian to find his place among the monsters. Meanwhile the doctor, who holds the truth to the real serial killer, hunts for him with the help of the local police and aims to destroy Midian. It seems the real monsters are the MEN that wish to detroy everything that they don’t understand. Will Boone save the nightbreed from extinction? Also see: Clive Barker’s NIGHT BREED – The CABAL CUT

Lord of Illusions (genre: Horror Fantasy)


A man called Nix is the leader of a cult of dark magic in the desert in the 80’s. In order to lure his favored ex-pupil back to him he kidnaps a little girl. His former apprentice, Swann, comes back to the compound to save the girl and end Nix’s evil. Upon killing Nix and encasing his head in a mystical device to prevent his resurrection, Swann takes the girl away from the nightmare. Thirteen years pass but Nix’s followers seek to bring him back from the dead and rebuild his cult. Meanwhile, a private detective in New York named Harry D’mour, who has a reputation for finding himself in supernatural cases, heads to L.A. on a normal assignment for a change. When he gets there, however, he finds himself thrown in the middle of Swann’s life of illusion. Swann has become the most famous illusionist in the world. What his adoring fans don’t suspect is that his magic is real. Swann’s young wife, Dorothea, who D’mour is instantly attracted to, hires him to investigate new dangers surrounding Swann. When Swann is killed during one of his own illusions can D’mour get to the bottom of the mystery? With Nix’s followers looking for the means to bring him back from the grave with even greater evil power will D’mour find the answers in time to stop them?

HELLRAISER (genre: Horror)


A young girl named Kirsty is coming home to visit her father who was recently remarried. Unfortunately for them her Uncle Frank brought an evil force into the house while it was vacant. Having sought out a puzzle box that opens doorways to a hellish dimension of torture and fantastical demons, Frank has damned himself to an imprisonment of torment on the otherside. Before his curse he had an affair with Kirsty’s new stepmother, Julia, and now Frank calls to her from his place in Hell. He bids her to sacrifice men inside the house in order to release him back into our world. With each death he becomes closer to human again. In the process of releasing Frank from his tortured damnation other beings have been summoned. They are the Cenobites, twisted souls that reflect the torturous realm they were created in. They want Frank’s soul back, and Kirsty must lead them to him before their Hell world seeps further into our reality. Can Kirsty close the door the puzzle box has opened? Or will the Cenobites take more souls back to their dimension of eternal pain and suffering? Also see: Hellbound- Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III- Hell On Earth, Hellraiser- Bloodline

The People under the Stairs (genre: Horror)


TPUTScreepyhouse TPUTScreepycoupleTPUTSFool

A young boy nicknamed Fool and his impoverished family live in a ghetto built by the greed of a crazy rich couple who live in a creepy mansion on the other side of town. The landlords are really a disturbed pair of siblings who live like husband and wife. They have barricaded themselve in their house with twisted security measures. The spooky mansion breeds rumors of the worst kind. The truth, however, is more depraved than anyone could have even imagined. On the verge of seeing his sickly mother evicted, Fool agrees to break into the mansion with a local thief named Leroy to steal valuable gold coins. What they find inside the prison like house leaves them fighting for their lives. The insane brother and sister will stop at nothing to kill them or add them to a collection of feral children they have had locked in their basement for years. Fool meets a girl who was kidnapped as a child and told she was the crazy couple’s daughter. Can Fool save her from a nightmarish life of abuse and escape to expose the psychotic man and woman to the outside world?

SLEEPWALKERS (genre: Horror)



There is a mythological creature known by some as a Sleepwalker. It is no mere child who walks in their sleep, but an ancient feline humanoid monster that shapeshifts at will. They are nearly invincible but the bite or scratch of a cat can prove deadly to them. The creatures must feed off the virginal life force of young women to maintain their power and live. Two such beings, a mother and son portraying themselves as everyday people Charles and Mary Brady, move into an unsuspecting small town on the hunt for a innocent girl. When Charles meets Tanya, a nice and lovely girl from his new high school, he romances her with the goal of taking her life force to give to his weakening monstrous mother. But when Charles finds he is having human feelings for Tanya he questions whether he can harm her. Will Charles fight his Sleepwalker nature and spare Tanya or will his need to feed himself and his famished mother push him to suck her dry?

The Descent (genre: Horror)


When a group of girlfriends who share adventure trips together go cave diving in an uncharted cavern system they find something much more scary than the dark. Full of suffocatingly tight passages deep underground, the disorienting caves leave the girls lost and confused. Still worse, creatures have evolved in the deepest darkest depths of the caverns that kill anything they come cross. It is a descent into the darkness of the earth and a descent into madness.

Splinter (genre: Horror)


When a couple on a camping trip get car jacked and kidnapped by a convict on the run with his tweaking girlfriend their bad day is just getting started. The car runs over a strange animal overgrown with black spikes and they are forced to pull into an out of the way gas station to seek repair. But it seems the station is abandoned until the clerk in found in the restroom totally enveloped in the same black spike growth as the animal they hit. The mutated clerk attacks them and they are forced to lock themselves inside the gas station. Soon they realize that the patches of splinters that are infecting animals and people alike are controlling them. With each new victim the splinter growth pulls lifeforms together in a gruesome patchwork to proliferate its bizarre species. Will there be any escape from the nightmarish creature?

The Mist (genre: Horror)


When a small town becomes enveloped in a mysterious mist a group of people hold up in a grocery store and speculate what it means. It isn’t long before horrible things appear out of the mist. In their fear many flock to a religious zealot who preaches the end of the world and human sacrifice. She threatens those that stay level headed even while the dangers that lurk in the mist grow. Is there any escaping the mist or will it cover everything in its fog of death?

SILENT HILL (genre: Horror)


A desperate mother named Rose seeks a cure for her adopted daughter Sharon’s ailments by taking her to the mysterious town of Silent Hill, the place of her birth. The two get separated in a strange fog of wind blown ash. Rose frantically searches for Sharon in the town which appears to be empty. Soon she descends into a parallel dimension where nightmarish creatures inhabit the cityscape. A small band of religious zealots are the last survivors of the decimated town, and Rose treads lightly not to cross them. She must uncover the secrets of Silent Hill’s disastrous past and fight to save Sharon from her dark origins. Can Rose escape with Sharon from the phantom dimension amidst the evils that populate it with the answers she came for? Also see: Silent Hill: Revelation

13 GHOSTS (genre: Horror)


Arthur Kriticos is struggling to make ends meet for his young son and teenage daughter after the death of his wife in a house fire. Just when he is at his lowest, an attorney representing his uncle arrives with unexpected news. Arthur’s adventuring uncle has died and left him an amazing house in the wooded countryside. The lawyer takes Arthur and his family to see the house and it is more incredible than they ever could have imagined. The house is built totally of glass that is inscribed with strange runes and archaic symbols. When inside they find innumerable treasures and artifacts from the adventures taken by Arthur’s uncle. While his kids can’t contain their excitement, Arthur is suspicious of this sudden financial windfall. A psychic who snuck inside the house soon appears and declares that the home is actually a machine powered by trapped ghosts. Though Arthur and his family are hesitant to believe, soon evil spirits are escaping special glass cells in the basement and causing bloody mayhem! The house locks down and becomes like a giant puzzle cube made up of sliding glass walls and spinning floors. What is the ultimate goal of the house and why were the violent and insane ghosts brought there? Will the Kriticos Family find a means to escape its trap?

The Cabin in the Woods (genre: Horror/ Horror Comedy)


A group of teenagers go off on a trip into the woods for a fun weekend and things go horribly wrong. Sounds familiar right? Well, while the set up might sound like a familiar horror movie formula what follows is anything but! As funny as it is horrifying, The Cabin in the Woods is an homage to all the horror movies you love or love to hate and blends them into a surprising and original horror experience. A word of advise, Don’t mess with Merman!

TEETH (genre: Dark Comedy/Horror)


Dawn is a pretty high school virgin who gives abstinence speeches to teenagers in her spare time as part of a promise ring group. She day dreams about her future wedding to the right man who she’ll give her virginity to. When Dawn meets the new boy in town who joins the abstinence group, Toby, she thinks he may be the one someday. But when Toby’s lust gets the better of him and he forces himself on Dawn a horrifying discovery for both of them reveals itself. Dawn has a set of mutant TEETH between her legs! The mythical Vagina Dentata chomps off Toby’s intrusive member and he falls away in a bloody mess. Left in shock, Dawn tries to deal with her loss of innocence and the abnormality of her fearsome female genitalia. Dawn decides she should turn herself in as the police search for a missing Toby. But her life is complicated further when her mother becomes gravely ill and her antisocial mean spirited stepbrother professes an unhealthy obsession with her. As other boys and men seek to take advantage of her vulnerable circumstance they soon regret their betrayals and violations in a wake of bloody stumps.

Dr. Giggles (genre: Horror)


A psychopath who believes himself a doctor escapes a mental institution and seeks out “patients” in the small town he called home as a child. Meanwhile, a high school student named Jennifer is dealing with the possibility she may need a heart transplant. When Dr. Giggles learns of Jennifer’s condition he is more than willing to take the hearts of the people of the town in order to find the right one to perform his masterpiece surgery on Jennifer!

OTIS (genre: Horror Comedy)


Otis is a thirty-something overweight slub who never had much luck with the ladies. But he is determined to get a second chance to take his fantasy girl “Kim” to the prom. He has kidnapped one girl after another in hopes of finding her, but none will live up to his standards and so they end up dead… dismembered in his torture chamber. And while Otis is a full-time psycho, he is also a part-time pizza delivery guy, and one night he gets a tip from his ultimate “Kim”. He abducts her shortly after and once again starts preparing for a special prom for two, complete with a mirror ball in his basement and an 80’s music playlist to dance the night away to. His dream is coming true as he conditions his new “Kim” to play along with the scenario under threat. Little does he know she is stronger than she appears and is looking for an opportunity to escape. Feeling great about his powder blue tux and his sub-terrainian stationary convertible (which he means to get lucky in), Otis seeks to see his twisted fantasy world out to a depraved end. With his bossy older brother making unannounced visits and “Kim’s” increasingly bloodthirsty family searching for her, Otis moves to conclude his plan. Will the newest “Kim” survive Otis’ prom night or will she be another victim in a long line?

COOTIES (genre: Horror Comedy)


Clint Hadson has moved back home to his embarrassing small town, Fort Chicken, after living in New York. Having moved back into his childhood home with his mother, he takes a job as a teacher substitute at the local elementary school. Clint goes out of his way to make sure people know he is a writer and not a teacher. He is working on his novel and vows not to settle for a job as a teacher. He is fairly miserable starting his sub job until he crosses paths with his crush from his high school days, Lucy, now a teacher at the school. Things are looking up until Clint finds that Lucy is dating the obnoxious school P.E. teacher. And just when he thinks that’s the worst of his day, a virus breaks out among the elementary school’s kids that is turning them in crazed flesh eating zombies! The faculty does their best to fight off the building threat of the zombie students, trying to escape the school and find refuge. But the virus that started with a tainted chicken nugget is spreading and Clint’s hope that he might find a happy ending with Lucy may not last the night. Can the school faculty evade the blood thirsty zombie kids long enough to discover a for the virus?

WARM BODIES (genre: Zom-Rom-Com a.k.a Zombie Romantic Comedy)


After the apocalypse one zombie boy called R deals with life as an undead corpse. He shuffles about an abandoned airport with his fellow zombies wondering if there could be more to life than his hunger for human brains. When R comes into contact with a beautiful living girl named Julie, he realizes it has awakened love in him. Protecting her from the zombie hordes he shows her there is more to him than being a zombie. Against her instincts she starts to care for him but knows she needs to get back to the human safe zone. Having witnessed the change in R, a faction of the undead begin feeling human emotion again in their dead hearts. This angers the evil boneys, the long dead and decayed black skeletons that are out to kill everything. Will R’s love for Julie live on? Will love bring the zombies back from death?

LIFE AFTER BETH (genre: Horror Comedy)


Zach is devastated after his girlfriend Beth dies unexpectedly. But when Beth suddenly and mysteriously returns to life, Zach is overjoyed to have the second chance to prove his love for her. Happiness fades quickly for him though when Beth starts developing some bizarre tendencies he can’t overlook. A rather disturbing taste for flesh forces Zach to confront the fact that she is a ZOMBIE! Can love survive among the living dead?

Jennifer’s Body (Horror/Dark Comedy)

HoRRoRJennifersBODYtitle  HoRRoRJennifersBODYseyfried HoRRoRJennifersBODYkyle HoRRoRJennifersBODYsmile HoRRoRJennifersBODYdress HoRRoRJennifersBODYvulture Jennifer is a gorgeous high school cheerleader who takes evil to a whole new level after she is possessed by a sinister demon. A trail of gore follows the seductive devilish Jennifer as an insatiable hunger for human flesh takes hold of her, and the male student body succumbs to the new succubus. Can Jennifer’s former best friend “Needy” stop Jennifer’s bloody reign of terror before her boyfriend becomes a victim as well?

DRAG ME TO HELL (Horror/Horror Comedy)


Christine Brown is on her way to having a bright future, with a devoted boyfriend and a hard earned job promotion. But when she is forced to make a tough decision that evicts an elderly gypsy woman from her home, Christine becomes the victim of an evil curse. Now she has only three days to dissuade a dark spirit from stealing her soul. Will she find a way to appease the demon before she is dragged to Hell?

DEATHGASM (genre: Horror Comedy)

HoRRoRDeathgasm  HoRRoRDeathgasmICECREAMdate HoRRoRDeathgasmFacePaint  HoRRoRDeathgasmZAKKdemon

Heavy metal rock loving teen misfit Brodie is having trouble fitting into his new school. Even as he is bullied he holds out hope he can get the most popular girl in his class. Soon he meets fellow rocker Zakk and starts a metal band of his own. Dubbed Deathgasm, they rock hard in Brodie’s strict Christian Uncle’s garage in their spare time. But when Brodie follows Zakk in breaking into a aged metal legend’s house they find more than they bargained for. The legendary Ricky Daggers has been in hiding from a secret Satanic society that wants musical sheets from what is known as “The Black Hymn”. After Brodie and Zakk escape the Satanists and steal the pages they play them and accidentally call up demons from Hell that possess the people of the town. Can Brodie stop the Satanists from taking power and end the demonic apocalypse he unleashed? More importantly, can he get the girl?

HORNS (genre: Horror Mystery/Horror Comedy)

HORNSposter HORNSIggy 

A supernatural thriller driven by mad fantasy, deep mystery, and pure romance. When local small town D.J. Ig Perrish becomes the number one suspect in the murder of his beloved girlfriend Merrin, he struggles through his own devastation to seek out her true killer. Help comes from a very unexpected place, when Ig wakes up from a hangover to find HORNS growing from his head that he soon realizes cause those in close proximity to him TO TELL THE TRUTH. As the devilish horns grow, so does their influence, and they drive everyone around Ig to confess their sins and also give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses. Even as he is harassed by the town’s people, Ig uses his newfound demonic gift in trying to solve his girlfriend’s murder so that he may exact revenge! (Based on the novel by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King)

The FINAL GIRLS (genre: Horror Comedy)


Teenage girl Max’s mom was a B-movie actress that was still chasing the dream of being a movie star, dragging her along on her auditions, when a deadly car accident took her mom away from Max. Three years later, her best friend’s nerdy fanboy brother talks her into attending a showing of “Camp Bloodbath”, the 80’s slasher horror movie her mom had a bit role in. When a freak accident sets the old movie theatre ablaze, somehow Max and her friends are transported into the slasher movie. Shocked at both being trapped in the film and seeing her mother alive once again within the movie, Max tries to save her mother (who is only aware of being the character Nancy in the horror film), and get her friends out of the blood soaked film before the notorious 80’s slasher franchise’s Billy Murphy can kill his way to the last of them!

BEETLEJUICE (genre: Horror Comedy)



When a meek ghost couple’s New England home in a small town is moved into by a crass family of New Yorkers they are at their wits end trying to get them out of their house. When their own planned scares fall flat they are forced to ask for help from a crude disgusting ghost called Beetlejuice. He is a “bio-exorcist” who specializes in scaring the living out of houses. But will the creepy deviant ghost go too far? The ghosts of the husband and wife come to care for the daughter of the new family, Lydia, a melancholy girl who is fascinated by death. They feel guilty for encouraging the haunting and try to call Beetlejuice off. But now that Beetlejuice is free he takes matters into his own hands. He escalates the scares and sets to marry Lydia and turn the rules of the afterlife upside down.

Ghostbusters (genre: Supernatural Comedy)


When the University they work for dumps their parapsychology/paranormal studies department, a trio of unorthodox scientists decide to go into the business of ghost busting. Business starts slow, but after they get their first customer, Dana Barrett, the wacky and charismatic Dr. Peter Venkman tries to find answers to what haunts her central park west apartment and romance her in the process. Soon business is booming as the city of New York is hit by an increase in paranormal activity never before seen. With further investigation The Ghostbusters, Peter, Ray, Egon, and new hire Winston, find that a powerful ancient force called GOZER the Destructor is coming to end the world. Can the Ghostbusters save Dana and the world? Also see: Ghostbusters II

GREMLINS (genre: Horror Comedy)

GREMLINSGizmo  GREMLINSstripe1 GREMLINSmogwaisPlayingDonkeyKONGjr  GREMLINScookieMuncherGREMLIN

When a father is looking for a special gift for his teenage son he finds himself in Chinatown in a store of old world relics. In the midst of all the oriental antiques is a small box with an mysterious animal in it. He is told it is called a mogwai. It seems a perfect present for the man’s son and while the elderly shopkeeper won’t sell it, his young grandson strikes a deal. The boy tells the man that there are important rules to follow when you are the caretaker of a mogwai. Keep them out of sunlight. Don’t feed them after midnight. Don’t get them wet. When the man gives his son Billy the pet mogwai, he loves it. They call the mogwai Gizmo. Unfortunately the rules aren’t so easy to live by. Gizmo gets wet and multiplies into more mogwais. The new mogwias are more mischievous and troublesome. Soon they trick Billy into feeding them after midnight and the next day they are found to be cocooned in strange pods. Billy’s worst fears are realized when the cocoons hatch into little evil green monsters called GREMLINS. As the monsters wreak havoc on his family and destroy his town, Billy and his girlfriend Kate along with Gizmo must find a way to stop the invasion of creatures before they multiply and spread. Also See: Gremlins 2

The LOST BOYS (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)


Sam and his older brother Michael move with their mother to the seaside California town of Santa Carla to start over. Many have gone missing along the carnival boardwalk at night. While looking to catch the eye of an intriguing girl, Michael draws the attention of a local band of hoodlums to him. He is initiated into the gang by their leader, David. In order to get closer to the girl, Star, Michael follows David’s dangerous lead in living on the edge. But soon he finds to his horror and disbelief he’s being drafted into a vampire brotherhood. Can Michael’s younger brother Sam save his brother before he turns into one of the undead. With the help of Sam’s new friends The Frog Brothers, self proclaimed vampire hunters, can they destroy the evil that has taken hold in Santa Carla?

FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)


When High School student Charlie starts to believe a vampire has moved in next door to him and his mom everybody including his girlfriend thinks he is crazy. But it turns out his new neighbor Jerry, IS a vampire. After girls start to go missing in town with some found murdered and mutilated, Charlie tries to overcome his fear and sets out to stop the vampire. He seeks advice in monster matters from his oddball friend “Evil Ed”. But when things get worse he looks for help from t.v. horror show FRIGHT NIGHT host, so called vampire slayer, Peter Vincent. There is no turning back for Charlie after his girlfriend, Amy, is taken by the vampire. Will Peter Vincent show he is the real deal or just some fake t.v. personality as he and Charlie try to save Amy and the town from Jerry? Also see: FRIGHT NIGHT 2

An American Werewolf in London (genre: Horror/ Horror Comedy)

AAWiLDavidandJacktitle AAWiLNurseAlex AAWiLJack AAWiLWerewolf2

While hiking through the fog strewn countryside of Britain, americans David and Jack are attacked by a horrifying animal. David survives and ends up in the hospital, but his friend Jack is torn to pieces. David starts to have strange dreams and is visited by a dead and mutilated Jack who tells him he will turn into a werewolf. Despite the reassurances of his beautiful nurse, Alex, David can’t shake the horrible feeling that he is changing. David wants to believe things are looking up and his nightmare is over when Alex invites him to stay at her flat after he is discharged from the hospital. But soon he suffers the curse of the werewolf and turns into a raging monster. After going on a full moon killing spree in London as a werewolf he wakes up naked and confused at the zoo the following day. He can’t remember anything from the previous night. He wants to believe everything is fine but David continues to see his dead friend Jack, fully rotten, who tells him as long as he lives he will go on killing as a werewolf and the ghosts of his victims will be damned to walk the earth in unrest. Will David bring another murderous rampage to the very heart of London? Can his new love for Alex and her love for David free him from the curse of the werewolf?

H.P. Lovecraft’s THE RE-ANIMATOR (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)


Dan Cain thought his most challenging endeavor at Miskatonic University’s med school would be dating the medical professor’s daughter Megan, but when he rents a room to eccentric student Herbert West his life is thrown into a surreal nightmare. Herbert’s first hair raising experiment raises Dan’s dead cat from the dead. With some changes in its behavior. It isn’t long before Herbert West is raising the human dead back to life, or at least something like life. As Dan tries to protect his future with Megan, Herbert tries to stop her father Dr. Alan Halsey from stealing his discovery.

DEAD SNOW (gerne: Horror/Horror Comedy) (Swedish:English Dub Audio) 


When a group of Swedish students take a trip to a remote cabin in the snow covered mountains of Sweden their vacation is cut short by a legion of resurrected Nazi zombies. The facist undead’s greed for the golden trinkets they stole from those they conquered in life during World War II has not lessened with the passage of over half a century. When the men and women at the cabin come across the gold they seal their doom. The Nazi zombies will stop at nothing to kill all those that cross their path who stand in their way of regaining their lost treasure.

THE EVIL DEAD (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)


When a group of friends takes a trip into the woods to stay in an old cabin they find themselves set upon by demons summoned by an ancient book called The Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Will any of the unsuspecting friends escape being possessed and tormented by the devious demons from the dark world beyond? Or will the curse take them all one by one? Also see: Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead (2013), Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Starz series)

PHANTASM (genre: Horror)


The residents of a small town have begun dying under abnormal circumstances, leading a boy named Mike to investigate the strange happenings. He discovers the spooky town mortician, known as the Tall Man, is killing people and reanimating the dead as small misshapen zombies. Mike looks for help from his rebellious brother Jody, and the local ice cream man Reggie. Working together they try to lure out and kill the Tall Man, all the while avoiding his twisted dwarf minions and a mysterious deadly silver sphere. Also see: Phantasm II, Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead, Phantasm IV: Oblivion, Phantasm V: Ravager

CLOWNHOUSE (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRCLOWNHOUSEposter  HoRRoRCLOWNHOUSEthebrothers HoRRoRCLOWNHOUSECasey  HoRRoRCLOWNHOUSELunaticClownsCHEEZObippoDIPPOHoRRoRCLOWNHOUSELunaticCHEEZOCasey is a kid who is scared of clowns. He is uneasy to say the least when the circus comes to town and his older brothers, Randy and Jeff, take him to the show. He runs out of the circus tent screaming when a clown picks him from the audience to join him in the center ring. With their parents out of town Casey faces a long dark night being harassed by Randy. Little do Casey and his brothers know that a trio of lunatics have broken out of the local insane asylum and made off with clown costumes after murdering the circus clowns in their backstage tent. While the boys are telling ghost stories in their big dark house, Casey looks out the window to see the insane clowns dancing about in the yard. He can’t decide if he is seeing things or if it’s real. Casey convinces himself the clowns he saw outside were in his head and the boys continue their night by making popcorn and watching scary movies. When Casey sees the maniac clowns lurking about in the dark again, his terror forces him to tell his brothers. While they think he is being silly at first, soon the clowns break into the house and they are as terrified as he is. With the insane clowns running loose inside their spacious home, the brothers play a deadly game of hide and seek with them in the dark halls, stairways, and rooms. Can the brothers turn the tables on the murderous jokesters or will one boy’s night living out his worst nightmare be his last?

The Gate (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)

THEGATEglenandterry THEGATEminionsTHEGATEeyehand THEGATEmasterdemon

A boy named Glen and his troublemaking friend Terry open up a portal to Hell in Glen’s backyard by accident. Can they solve the puzzle of closing The Gate before The Master Demon and his creepy minions bring Hell on Earth? Will Glen discover the inner strength to save his best friend and his older sister, Alexandra, from eternal damnation or will the forces of evil take their human sacrifices and open the doorway between the demonic underworld and our world for all time?

HOUSE (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)

          HOUSEhouse HOUSERogerHOUSEDeadBen HOUSEevilexwife

Horror novelist Roger Cobb is a man on the edge, reeling from his recent divorce and haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his young son at his elderly aunt’s victorian house. Roger deals with additional turmoil as he relives his tour in Vietnam while writing his new book about it. He is at odds with his publisher who wants another horror best-seller. Roger moves into his aunt’s creepy old mansion after she hangs herself there. He hopes to have the solitude needed to write and wants to be closer to where his son went missing. His sanity comes under siege when nightmarish creatures and visions of his dead war buddy, Ben, bombard him during his stay. Will Roger outlive the attacks of the hideous monsters from beyond and the enraged zombiefied soldier ghost of “Big Ben”? Will he discover the clues that could lead to finding his missing son?

House on Haunted Hill (1999) (genre: Horror)


One night in an infamous haunted house, one million bucks, no questions asked. It’s all part of a scary joke of a birthday bash for the disgruntled wife of a twisted millionaire named Stephen Price. The eclectic party guests are at a loss as to why they have been invited or how they are connected but the opportunity to take home one million dollars is too good to question. They expect a mind blowing show from Price, who is an eccentric theme park developer, but when the night becomes a terrifying fight for survival, the assembled strangers know there is more than special effects at work. For the house was once an institute for the criminally insane, and the physician in charge, Dr. Vannacut, was an occultist who butchered his patients. Will any of the party live through the night to collect their money, or will the great evil that infects the house take them all as its victims? Also see: House on Haunted Hill (1959, starring Vincent Price)

Tales from the Crypt: DEMON KNIGHT (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)

TalesfromthecryptDEMONKNIGHTtitle  TalesfromthecryptBrayker

TalesfromthecryptCollectorANDJeryline TalesfromthecryptDEMONKNIGHTdemon

Unknown to mankind is a secret struggle between demons and a chosen one who protects a mystical key at all costs. The key is one of seven such relics which holds the power to keep the darkness of demonkind at bay or usher in a new age of hell on earth. A powerful demon who plays at being a man called The Collector has six of the seven keys and seeks the final key to unleash evil. The last key is kept by the Demon Knight, a mysterious man called Brayker. He has been fighting off demons for a very long time. One night with The Collector in hot pursuit he finds himself in a backwater town holed up in a rundown hotel. Hiding amongst a colorful collection of hotel denizens until he can get back on the road, Brayker soon finds his only hope of protecting the key from an army of demons and the devious Collector may be giving responsibility of mankind’s salvation over to a new Demon Knight.

THE MONSTER SQUAD (genre: Horror Comedy)

TheMonsterSquadMONSTERS TheMonsterSquadthemonstersquadTheMonsterSquadWolfmanTheMonsterSquadDraculaTheMonsterSquadCreatureBlackLagoon1

When Dracula returns after centuries in exile he gathers history’s most feared monsters to him to attain his diabolical goal. Who can stand against such evil? Our only hope is a group of misfit kids who call themselves The Monster Squad. With the help of the “Scary German Guy” who lives down the street, can the kids find a way to send the monsters back where they came from?

HOUSEBOUND (genre: Horror Comedy)


Wayward twenty-something Kylie Bucknell would have chosen any punishment for her crime of blowing up an ATM machine other than being remanded to live under house arrest with her estranged mother and stepfather. The last place in the world she wanted to be was the big old house in the New Zealand countryside of her youth. Her batty mother believes their creaky aged home is haunted by a ghost. Kylie thinks that she is crazy until one night sounds lead her to the basement and something in the dark grabs her foot. The encounter sets off her ankle security device linked to the police who put her on house arrest. An affable security worker named Amos shows up to find out why Kylie has breached her perimeter. When Kylie’s mother starts up with the “ghost talk” Amos is not dismissive but enthusiastic to investigate the paranormal activity. Strange happenings continue to plague the house and soon Kylie joins Amos in searching for answers. When she uncovers a hidden history of her home, and clues point to a scary reclusive neighbor as a possible murderer of the house’s spirit in life, Kylie risks breaking her house arrest boundaries to get to the truth. Meanwhile, she endures the headache of answering the dull questions of a court ordered psychologist who frequents the house to meet with her, hindering her personal investigation. As Kylie gets closer to solving the mystery of her haunted house she finds herself in greater danger than she ever bargained for.

PAN’S LABYRINTH (genre: Horror Fantasy) (Spanish:English Subtitles)


During the Spanish Civil War in 1943 a little girl named Ofelia is taken to the home of her new stepfather, an evil military captain who has married her mother. The woods and grounds surrounding the house are full of hidden enchanment. Ofelia crosses back and forth between her new harsh reality and a dark magical world full of fairies and strange creatures. She meets a Faun who gives her tasks to carry out in order to reveal the mystery of who she really is. Ofelia must brave nightmarish monsters in both the fairy realm and in the house of her terrible new father. Will she learn the amazing truth of who she truly is in the enchanted world?



When a little girl named Sally is sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend she feels a deep lonliness. Her father is always busy, as he is in the middle of renovating a historic house that belonged to the renowned naturalist painter Blackwood. His girlfriend Kim makes efforts to connect with Sally but questions whether she is ready to be a mother. The mansion seems to hold a dark secret. Is is tied to the legacy of Blackwood? After Sally finds a hidden basement in the house, soon she hears tiny voices coming from the bolted shut ash pit. The girl is fascinated by the mystery and seeks to release what is locked in the pit of the cellar. But the creatures, the Homonculus, are diminutive ancient beings from a dark world and are not as friendly as they have pretended to be. They feed on the teeth of children and must bring someone from above back to their dark realm each time they enter our world to ensure their survival. Will Sally be able to convince her father and Kim of the danger lurking in the shadows before it’s too late? As Kim becomes closer to Sally will she find it in her to believe and protect her from the evil?

GINGER SNAPS (genre: Horror)


Ginger and Brigitte, two outsider sisters trapped in suburbia and high school, are obsessed with death until they get a first hand look at the real thing. Bitten by a wild animal, Ginger begins to change from a shy introverted girl to a sexy seductress. Unfortunately the side effects also involve growing a tail and sprouting canine hair. Soon the girls recognize the horrible truth, Ginger is becoming a Werewolf! Can Brigitte find a cure before Ginger makes the full transformation into a snarling blood thirsty beast? Also see: Ginger Snaps 2, and Ginger Snaps Back

The CRAFT (genre: supernatural)

                                       THECRAFTthecovenTHECRAFTSarah    THECRAFTNancy

Sarah has always been different and now she is trying to fit in at her new high school. When the most popular guy in school lies about her and ruins her reputation, Sarah finds herself gravitating toward a group of misfit girls in search of acceptance. It turns out that the girls practice witchcraft. Led by a goth girl named Nancy, the coven of three have been unsuccessful in their wiccan efforts. With the arrival of Sarah as a forth member, however, the elements align and they discover they can summon power that grows greater by the day. Things start to spiral out of control when spells the girls cast bring about real consequences. While Sarah questions the morality of their new powers the others embrace it fully. The once meek outsiders become ego driven vengeful witches. Nancy dares to invoke the darkside of the earth spirit of Manon and becomes increasingly volatile and dangerous. When Sarah breaks ties with the coven the girls seek to torment her with magic. Nancy seeks to drive Sarah to madness. But to what end? Will Sarah be able to stop the witches before they bring about more chaos?

WISHMASTER (genre: Horror)


The ancient magical entity known in human legend as a genie is no benevolent wish maker! The evil Djinn is an all powerful monster seeking to tempt humankind into using wishes to release his brethren into our world to take it for their own! After escaping the gem it was imprisoned in for a millennia the Djinn grants it’s new masters anything in their wildest dreams, but twists the wishes into their darkest nightmares. As it takes on the form of a man to manipulate its victims with ease, the woman who discovered the mystifying properties of the stone searches for a way to send the Djinn back where it came from. Can it be locked back in its mystical jewel prison before it uses our own human greed to conquer us all?

Trick ‘r Treat (genre: Horror/ Dark Comedy)


A series of intersecting Halloween stories lead to ghastly outcomes. An unassuming trick or treater who is the vengeful spiritual protector of Halloween traditions passes in and out of the lives of people on the spookiest night of the year. Inhabiting the night are werewolves, undead children, and a psychotic school principle. TRICK ‘R TREAT!

KRAMPUS (genre: Horror / Dark Comedy)


Young Max Engel’s old world German grandmother has kept his Christmas spirit alive even as other children stop believing in Santa Claus. But when the present Christmas arrives Max starts to lose faith after seeing his family bicker and fight over petty differences. Upon ripping up his letter to Santa and tossing it to the cold four winds an ominous presence falls over the Engel’s neighborhood along with unceasing snow. The family is left in the dark after the power goes out and soon bizarre creatures sent by a malevolent holiday spirit lay siege to their home. Even as Max’s grandmother keeps the fire in the fireplace roaring, she tells all the tale of the evil Christmas visitor called Krampus. She warns that the horned demonic being punishes those who don’t appreciate their blessings and misbehave before the holiday season. Can the Engels come together as one harmonious loving family to fend off the diabolical Krampus, or will they all be sucked into the pit of Hell he came from?

Pet Sematary (genre: Horror)


A doctor named Louis moves his family to a small town with horrifying supernatural consequences. Their house is located on a busy road that has made roadkill of countless pets over the years. There is a pet cemetery in the near woods where heartbroken children have buried their pets for decades. When his daughter’s beloved cat, Church, is ran over and killed Louis’ odd neighbor tells him there is a way to bring the pet back to life. Beyond the pet cemetery is an ancient indian burial ground. Animals buried there return to life. While Louis doesn’t believe the story he buries his daughter’s cat there. Soon the cat, Church, returns from the dead. But he is not the same cat. Soon real tragedy strikes when the family’s little boy, Gage, is hit by a truck in the road and dies. Overcome with grief Louis buries Gage in the burial ground on the other side of the pet cemetery. Gage returns from the dead. But like Church, the little boy is possessed by something not of the world of the living. Gage becomes murderous and goes on a rampage forcing Louis to confront what he has done and seek to put his son down. Will Louis survive his horrible mistake and learn from his lesson? Also see: Pet Sematary 2

NEEDFUL THINGS (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRNeedfulThingsHoRRoRNeedfulThingsLeelandGAUNT  HoRRoRNeedfulThingsLeelandGAUNTandNETTIEHoRRoRNeedfulThingsBUSTERhandcuffedToCar      HoRRoRNeedfulThingsBRIANwithGUN

A mysterious old man who calls himself Leland Gaunt opens an eclectic shop in the small New England town of Castle Rock that seems to have its customers most coveted items for sale. The prices seem just right, but there is one catch. Aside from a small monetary sum the priceless collectables come with a favor owed to the enigmatic shopkeeper. When he calls in the favors they cause neighbor to turn against neighbor and soon the town is thrown into upheaval. What is the devious elderly shop owner’s true motive for going into business? Can Castle Rock sheriff Alan Pangborn stop the citizens from destroying themselves? Who or what is Leland Gaunt truly?

THE DARK HALF (genre: Horror)



Thad Beaumont has been writing stories since he was a kid. As a child he had to have a bizarre tumor removed from his head that had been the genetic material of a twin he had absorbed in the womb. Years later Thad publishes super violent, raunchy crime stories centered around a morally challenged tough guy called Alexis Machine. He authors these books under the name of his alter ego, George Stark, a mysterious bad seed in his own right complete with fictional prison record. When a blackmailer threatens to out Thad as George Stark and break the mystique of his work, Beaumont decides to give up the Alexis Machine stories and end his George Stark persona himself rather than pay someone off to keep the secret. Upon killing Stark and his “Machine” stories off, a phantom is born that is the phsyical embodiment of George Stark and his violent tendencies. One after another those responsible for helping end George Stark are killed off in brutal fashion. The police suspect Thad Beaumont. George wants to kill all involved but first he needs Thad to write a new Stark tale or his body will loose its earthly cohesion. Only one of the men can live on. Will George Stark replace Thad Beaumont?

Parasomnia (genre: Psychological Thriller/Horror)


Laura Baxter is a young girl in her 20’s who is afflicted by an extremely rare condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome. The affliction causes her to sleep 90% of the time. When awake she is confused by the waking world. Her life is one long dream. Now her dreams are haunted by a demented mesmerist serial killer named Byron Volpe. Before his capture he used his psychic powers and his ability to hypnotize his victims to murderous ends. Now kept in the same asylum as the beautiful “parasomniac” Laura Baxter he stalks her in a nightmare world of his making and has claimed her as his own. Enter Danny, a struggling art student who falls in love with Laura upon seeing her while visiting a friend at the asylum. Learning of her imminent transfer to a sleep study institute infamous for patient deaths, Danny kidnaps Laura and takes her home where he must find a way to deal with her strange disorder. In her waking life Laura falls in love with Danny and wants to stay with him. Byron Volpe is enraged that Laura has been taken from him and uses his psychic connection with her to cause her to commit murders. Danny is sent on the run when police believe he is the killer. When Volpe breaks out of the asylum to find Laura he sets up a final deadly confrontation with Danny to ensure that Laura will be his for all time. Can Danny save Laura or will Volpe’s evil plot to possess her forever destroy their love?

MISERY (genre: Horror)


MISERYPaulSheldon MISERYbedridden

Paul Sheldon is a best-selling author who has just finished the manuscript for the last book in his series. He is returning from the remote cabin where he wrote the book when he looses control of his car on an icy mountain road and crashes into a wooded ravine. Initially he feels fortunate that help has found him in the form of a former nurse, Annie Wilks. She is overjoyed to care for him in her isolated farm house as she says she is his “#1 Fan”. Paul worries Annie may be a little unstable and when Annie reads Paul’s new manuscript and finds out he has killed off her favorite character she goes mad. She takes steps to hobble Paul and keep him bed ridden in order to force him to write a new book that resurrects her beloved heroine. Paul does his best to humor her insanity as he looks for ways to escape. When Annie makes it known that she plans on them dying together, a crippled Paul has to fight for his life!

The Caller (genre: Horror/Sci-Fi)


A young woman seeking to leave behind a bad relationship moves into a new apartment. An old rotary phone has been left behind there. One night while settling into her new place she gets a phone call on the old phone from an elderly woman asking for a man. The new tenant tells the woman that a man  doesn’t live there and that she just moved in. The old woman explains that she drove passed the apartment the night before and saw him in the window and she is sure he lives there. The young woman tells her it isn’t possible. As the two women continue to talk it is discovered that the old woman on the end of the line actually lives more than a decade in the past. The young woman is appropriately freaked out and wants nothing more to do with the phone or the time displaced caller. But the caller becomes angry and begins to harm people in the girl’s past and change her timeline and life. The young woman must find a way to stop the caller from the past before she herself ceases to exist at the hands of the mad woman.

The Midnight Meat Train (genre: Horror)


Struggling photographer Leon’s obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter in the underbelly of New York leads him into the path of a brutal serial killer called Mahogany. He is a murderer who stalks the subway, killing late night commuters and ultimately butchering their bodies in the most gruesome ways imaginable. But what does the killer do with the “meat”? Will Leon find the answers behind the killings or will he delve so deep it will swallow him up?

In the Mouth of Madness (genre: Horror)


Lived any good books lately? A fraud investigator is hired to find a missing horror novelist called Sutter Cane by his publishers when the writer goes mysteriously missing. They say the author’s books have a peculiar effect on his readers and the man looking for him is soon to find out why. Upon searching a supposedly nonexistent town know as Hobb’s End, a location in one of Cane’s horror novels, the investigator comes face to face with an impossible possibility. Is the world he is living in being written by Cane? Could he be a character in one of Cane’s books?

SECRET WINDOW (genre: Horror)


Writer Mort Rainey is in the middle of a messy divorce. He has moved out of the house he shared with his wife and settled into his remote lakeside cabin in the woods. His seclusion is interupted by a strange man claiming that Mort stole one of his stories. The tall southerner in the black hat at his door calls himself Shooter. He makes it known that he expects Rainey to rewrite the ending of the story he published as it was originally written by him and give credit for the work to him. Mort shrugs off the accusations until things take a violent turn and his every step seems shadowed by the mysterious Shooter. Is the man being paid by his ex-wife’s new boyfriend to harass him? Is Mort going crazy? How far will Shooter go to make Mort Rainey see things his way?

The Mothman Prophecies (genre: Mystery/Suspense)


After an accident that reveals his wife has terminal cancer that ends up killing her, reporter John Kline seeks answers to the strange images surrounding his wife’s death. While traveling to Washington D.C. for an interview he is sent off course by a supernatural force that leaves him miles away from his destination in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Strange occurrences have plagued the town. It has been visited by a seemingly otherworldly being they call The Mothman. His appearances are marked by burning red eyes and great shadowy wings. A man in the town is driven mad when the being who calls himself Indrid Cold gives him knowledge of future disasters. Is The Mothman trying to warn the people or is it a curse. Reporter John Kline becomes obsessed with finding the truth.

CANDYMAN (genre: Horror)


A woman named Helen looks into the urban legend of a ghostly killer that massacres his victims with a hook lodged in a bloody stump. He is called CANDYMAN and he haunts Chicago’s Cabrini Green projects striking fear into its inhabitants. The further Helen delves into the story of Candyman the more she finds herself believing in the myth. Now she has been pulled into his horrifying world of murder and horror. Soon she is being accused of murder herself and committed to an asylum. She must escape to prove her innocence and stop the evil phantom killer Candyman’s reign of terror.

HALLOWEEN (genre: Horror)


rzombieHALLOWEENyoungmike JcarpenterHALLOWEENmmyers

Cult favorite and iconic director John Carpenter and next generation horror creator Rob Zombie bring us their own personal takes on HALLOWEEN. Carpenter’s classic version is loved the world over by horror purists and Rob Zombie’s grisly kinetic entries in the franchise take us for a new kind of ride. With only the bleakest and blackest void inside of him, young Michael Myers kills his sister and is committed to an insane asylum. Though he is counseled by dedicated psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis no breakthroughs can be made to understand the murderous boy. For years he goes silent and near catatonic until he is a grown man. When Halloween approaches Michael Myers breaks out and goes on a killing rampage through his hometown of Haddonfield searching for his last family tie.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (genre: Horror)

ANIGHTMAREONELMSTfreddy2 ANIGHTMAREONELMSTorig HoRRoRaNightmareOnElmStreetposterART  HoRRoRaNightmareOnELMstreet1428

When parents of abused children exact deadly revenge on the man accused of the crimes he returns years later to haunt the dreams of the victims who are now teenagers. Armed with a razored glove he stalks their nightmares, terrorizing and killing them one by one. Will the focus of his perverse obsession, Nancy, be able to find a way to stop the dream killer? Or will the nightmare continue? A Nightmare On Elm Street 2-6, New Nightmare, A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

FRIDAY THE 13TH (genre: Horror)

F13JasonMask F13Jason

A summer camp for kids is re-opening after years of being closed. The young camp councilors are getting it ready for the kids who will be staying for the summer. But Crystal Lake is known most for a tragedy revolving around a deformed child that drowned at the camp many years ago and it seems those who believe the grounds are cursed might be right. For not long after, a hard raining storm hits the camp and the councilors start disappearing one by one. Soon it is discovered that someone is responsible and the revelation is a terror long in the coming. Further visits to the infamous “Camp Blood” introduce us to Jason Voorhees, the malformed madman who makes Crystal Lake his own deadly domain. The machete armed immortal killer wreaks blood drenched havoc on campers and suspecting partiers alike. Also see: Friday the 13th sequels, Friday the 13th (2009)

Child’s Play (genre: Horror)


What a little boy named Andy wants most in the world for his birthday is the new “Good Guys” doll. Struggling financially, Andy’s mom doubts she’ll be able to afford it until she comes across a homeless man who happens to be selling one. She buys it and counts herself lucky. What she doesn’t know is that THIS doll came from a store where the serial killer Charles Lee Ray was gunned down by police. In his final moments of life the killer used his knowledge of voodoo to transfer his soul into THE DOLL. While Andy is elated to receive his “Good Guys” doll called CHUCKY, soon he finds that his new toy is capable of horrible things. As people turn up dead around the doll, Andy’s mother and even an investigating police detective have to admit there may be something to Andy’s story of his doll Chucky being alive. Will it be too late before their wavering suspicions are confirmed? Will Chucky kill all those trying to protect Andy and achieve his final goal of transfering his soul into Andy’s body?! Also see: Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky

SAW (genre: Horror)

SAWBillypuppet  SAWAmandatrap 

A serial killer known as Jigsaw wants to teach those who take their lives for granted a lesson. He pits them in torturous games and traps to make them fight for their lives and learn to appreciate life in the process. Who can survive his game and who will perish in the horrific machines of his darkest imaginings? Also see: SAW 2-7

HOSTEL (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRHOSTELcheckingIN  HoRRoRHOSTELgearedUp HoRRoRHOSTELthecustomer HoRRoRHOSTEL2thetourists1  HoRRoRHOSTEL2thegirls

Two Americans backpacking through Europe are lured to a small out of the way Slavic country. Unknown to them the local hostel kidnaps its guest travelers and sells them to wealthy men with a taste for torture and murder. When the victim’s wake up from being drugged they find themselves in dirty cells in the company of those who purchased them to use in whatever sick and twisted way they wish. Can anyone escape the horrors of the murder for profit business or will it take more victims and make a financial killing doing it? Also see: HOSTEL Part II, HOSTEL Part III

The COLLECTOR (genre: Horror) 


Ex-con Arkin has tried to go straight working as a handyman, but when his wife and daughter are in danger from loan sharks he has to go back to his old life as a thief and steal a priceless jewel. The gem in question is locked in the safe of the wealthy family whose home he is currently working on. The night they are supposed to have left for an extended vacation, Arkin breaks into the mansion. But he finds that not only is the family still there, they are entangled in deadly traps set in placed by a twisted masked killer who is lurking in the dark house. The sadistic intruder takes his time creatively torturing his victims, but is interrupted by Arkin’s unexpected arrival. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues between them. Fighting the urge to leave with the jewel for the sake of his own family, Arkin attempts to save the psychopath’s victims in what has become a house of horrors. But is The Collector more than a match for him? Will Arkin become another trophy in his Collection? Also see: The COLLECTION

LAID TO REST (genre: Horror)


When a girl wakes up in a coffin with no memory of who she is or where she comes from, all she has is her survival instinct when she finds she is the prey of a haunting killer. The nightmarish slasher is a tall man in a black suit wearing a chrome skull mask. He dispatches his victims in brutal fashion with wickedly designed knives while recording it on a shoulder mounted video camera. For a time the girl is able to elude the killer with the help of some strangers who she meets in the course of the harrowing night of being hunted. But the killer, who calls himself Chromeskull, does not hesitate to kill all who stand in his way. Will the girl recall who she is? Will she and her new friends be able to piece together the mystery of her stalker and stop him before he finishes another one of his gruesome videos?

CHROMESKULL –  Laid to Rest 2 (genre: Horror)


A mysterious organization that answers to Chromeskull rebuilds his broken body and disfigured face after the terrorizing events of his last rampage. While he is in hiding regaining his strength an overzealous underling seeks to tie up the loose ends left by his boss failing to finish off his victims. Meanwhile, Chromeskull’s assistant finds him a new target to stalk. The police are one step behind the shadowy organization, but with the help of Tommy, a survivor of Chromeskull’s killings, they do their best to find the most recently abducted girl. Chromeskull becomes enraged when he sees that in his absence one of his own has been impersonating him and conducting his own torturous murders. Will this distraction be enough for Tommy and the police to find the girl he kidnapped before she ends up just another dismembered victim in the videotape collection of Chromeskull?

MADISON COUNTY (genre: Horror)


College student James has been corresponding by letters with a writer from a backwater county in Arkansas that according to legend has purposely hidden a killer of dozens of people in its rural woodlands. The author, David Randall, claims in his book “The Devil in the Woods” that a disfigured murderer named Damien Ewell stalks the county with locals turning a blind eye to his bloody mayhem. Though he doesn’t truly believe in the legend, James decides the story is too good to pass up for the paper he is writing for school. He invites his friends Will, Brooke, and Jenna to go on a camping trip with him to Madison County and have some fun roughing it while he investigates the story and meets David Randall for an interview. James’ best friend Will is none too happy when Brooke’s overprotective brother Kyle tags along. When they enter the forested void of Madison County, the small town there proves to be inhabited by country folks extremely wary of outsiders. An old woman at the diner directs them to the residence of the mysterious David Randall, who she claims hasn’t lived in the county for a long time. James doesn’t buy her explanation and takes the others out to the outlying Randall property in the woods. Finding the house seemingly abandoned, James and his friends are determined to uncover the truth of what is going on. As they split up to search for clues, they cross the path of a tall and thin man in faded tan overalls… wearing a dead pig’s head over his own. All too late they come to understand the legend of Damien Ewell is all too real as the terrifying “Pighead” killer hunts them in his woods. Will James find David Randall and get his answers? Will any of them make it out of Madison County alive?


HoRRoRDeathstopHolocaust  HoRRoRDeathstopHolocaustTheKILLERS 

Two college girls, Elizabeth and Taylor, travel to a remote island for a vacation getaway. As they drive through the woods toward Liz’s father’s lake house, they begin to feel uneasy about the area. An unmarked white van starts to stalk them and soon drives them off the backwater road. Little do they know that this is just the beginning of their nightmare, as the occupants of the van are three masked psychopaths out for blood!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (genre: Horror)


TTCMLeatherface  TTCMhouseTTCMfriendsTTCMErin

A group of friends in the 1970’s take a detour while traveling the back roads of Texas and encounter a crazy family and a chainsaw wielding maniac called Leatherface set on driving them mad and brutally murdering them. A girl named fights to find the strength to escape the bloody mayhem even as her friends are slaughtered by the terrifying disfigured butcher and his chainsaw. Also see: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

House of 1000 Corpses (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRHof1000corpsesTheGang  HoRRoRHof1000corpsesCaptSPAULDINGs HoRRoRHof1000corpsesCaptSPAULDING  HoRRoRHof1000corpsesOTISskullfacepaint  HoRRoRHof1000corpsesBABY

Two young couples take a tour of the back roads of America on Halloween in search of a local legend know as Dr. Satan. When they become lost and stranded in a downpour of rain they accept help from a bizarre country family. What they don’t know is that “The Firefly Family” are a band of psychotics, murderers, and cannibals. After being dropped into the insane world of the family, can the travelers escape torture and Satanic rituals to make it out the other side.? Will they find what they came misguidedly looking for… the legendary evil that is Dr. Satan himself? Also see: The Devil’s Rejects

Goodnight Mommy (genre: Horror) (German with English subtitles)

HoRRoRGoodnightMOMMY HoRRoRGoodnightMOMMYmommy

After an accident a mother returns home with her face creepily wrapped in bandages. Her twin sons, Elias and Lukas, come to believe she is indeed not their mother. Even stranger she will not acknowledge Lukas’ presence. The boys escalate their homebound investigation into who the woman that came back as their mother could be. Meanwhile, the mother disturbingly bound in wrap haunts the house around them leaving them in fear and confusion. But are the boys misled? Is she their mother? And why does she ignore Elias’ twin Lukas? How far will the boys take their obsession?

HIGH TENSION (genre: Horror) (French with English dub or subtitles)


When Marie accompanies her friend Alex on a trip to her family’s home in the French countryside, the peaceful visit is brutally interrupted by a murderous stranger that comes calling in the middle of the night. Marie bears witness to the maniac moving through the house making victims of Alex’s family. The crazed visitor abducts Alex and chains her in the back of his old rusted work truck. Marie desperately gives chase down the dark empty roads of the unfamiliar rural landscape. She follows the truck and frantically seeks a way to free Alex from captivity, finding herself in the middle of the bloody insanity unleashed along the way.

Cabin Fever (2002) (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRCabinFEVERtitlecard  HoRRoRCabinFEVERcampfire HoRRoRCabinFEVERrotten HoRRoRCabinFEVEROfficerOLSONandPartyMan HoRRoRCabinFEVERrednekz HoRRoRCabinFEVERbunnyAndPANCAKES

Paul and his friends are off for a fun trip to a cabin in the woods. But they are unaware that the backwater country is infected by a flesh eating disease that will ruin their vacation catastrophically almost before it starts. The backwards country locals are little help once the outbreak spreads. They turn out to be just as dangerous as the disease. As things grow steadily weirder and his friends rot in front of him, will Paul escape in one piece?

The Hills have Eyes (2006) (genre: Horror)


A family’s cross country road trip takes a deadly turn when they deviate from the main road and venture into the vast New Mexico desert. The sun scalded mountainous rocky landscape was once a nuclear bomb test grounds. It is home to a freakish clan of violent mutants who have survived the harsh radioactive environment through mutated dna and inbreeding. The traveling family soon comes under a terrorizing attack by the hill people. Will any of them survive to make a stand against the murderous mutants and make it out of the desert alive? Also see: The Hills have Eyes II

CITADEL (genre: Horror)


Tommy and his pregnant wife are in the process of moving out of a recently condemned apartment complex and onto a better life. Their dreams are dashed when a gang of hooded kids attack his wife leaving her comatose and him alone with a newborn baby girl. With no improvement made in his wife’s condition, months later the tough decision comes to unplug the equipment keeping her alive. After the assault Tommy developed agoraphobia, an extreme fear of leaving the house, and if he doesn’t make progress in overcoming it he is in danger of having his baby daughter taken from him. In the midst of his struggle to overcome his terror of the world outside his door while taking care of his infant daughter, the violent hooded children return to harass him and threaten another terrifying attack. The priest who oversaw his wife’s funeral, warns Tommy that the “hoods” are not mere children. He tells him they come from the very tower in the projects where Tommy and his wife had called home. The priest explains that they are lost and forgotten children long infected with a plague-like disease that makes them feral and vicious. A blind boy named Danny is a constant companion to the priest, and it is revealed that he was to be one of the kids turned but was saved from the transformation. For the “hoods” are now far from human, and by night take to the streets to wreak violence on those they come across while seeking out children to kidnap like Tommy’s baby daughter to infect and add to there numbers. The priest pushes Tommy to put aside his disabling phobia and aid him in destroying the “hoods”, for they are the only ones who know the truth and are willing to face it.

The CRAZIES (2010) (genre: Horror)


Hell comes to a small town in Iowa when its normal, peaceful citizens begin to inexplicably go crazy one at a time and perpetrate depraved violence and destruction. As the madness spreads in the rural population and all is thrown into sadistic chaos the government quarantines the city and sends in soldiers and scientists. But soon it becomes shockingly clear that even those who aren’t infected by the outbreak won’t be spared, for the military means to cover up the secret of what really happened and stop the infection from spreading at all costs. Can Sheriff Dutton and his pregnant wife, the town doctor, escape the devastation that has seen everyone and everything they know destroyed?

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (genre: Horror)


Over 60 years ago in the border town of Texarkana, a brutal killer stalked the citizens and became known as “The Phantom” for his ghostly bloody comings and goings. After the killings abruptly ended, the case was rushed to a close with no real evidence the true killer was identified or dead. With decades passing, the youth of the town made the story into a holiday by annually watching a 1970’s slasher film at the local drive-in based on the real events in the tortured town’s past. But now “The Phantom” seems to have impossibly returned to Texarkana as blood thirsty and dangerous as ever, leaving a new body count in his wake. A teenage girl, the only survivor of his modern killings, seeks the truth by delving into the history of the killer and the town, but will she find anything by her own demise?

The STRANGERS (genre: Horror)



A young couple’s night of soul searching at their family’s remote get-away home regarding the future of their relationship is interrupted by a knock at the door at 4 a.m. and a haunting voice on the other side. What starts as an unsettling feeling soon escalates to pure fear as three masked strangers systematically terrorize them inside and out of the house. Can they get help? Can they last through the night? What do The Strangers want? And why did they choose them?

FUNNY GAMES (2007 U.S.) (genre: Horror)


The Farber family, Anne and her husband George along with their son Georgie, are looking forward to a week at their vacation home on the lake. Upon settling in and unpacking they find they have visitors. Two preppy dressed young men, well spoken with polite smiles, have come calling. They introduce themselves as Peter and Paul and claim to be relatives of their neighbors across the way. While somewhat odd, the boys seem trustworthy enough. They are quick to make themselves at home. But when Peter and Paul ceaselessly make strange small talk and aimlessly wander about the house, Anne grows weary of their antics. As George asks them to leave things take a turn for the shocking. The visitors coerce the Farbers into the living room under threat of violence and reveal they want to play a game. The evening spirals out of control as the family is both tortured with mind games and physical abuse. Peter and Paul talk in circles and toy with their victims as the Farbers try to comprehend a motive and a way to escape the insanity. Will the family survive the terrifying night of “games” or will the boys’ perverse playtime come to a deadly end for them?

The LOVED ONES (genre: Horror)



Brent is dealing with the loss of his father who died in a car accident they were in while he was driving. He struggles with guilt for his part in it and for surviving himself. But Brent has done his best to move on with his life and looks forward to going to the high school prom with his girlfriend Holly. The weird girl at school, Lola, asks him to go to the prom with her. He politely declines and tells her he already has a date. Little does he know she never intended on taking no for an answer. Later that night, when the school prom is in full swing, Brent wakes up from a blackout in Lola’s house tied to a chair. The room is decorated for a prom for two that Lola’s father has put together for her with Brent as her captive date. The shy Lola from school turns out to be a violent psycho who is obsessed with him. Soon she and her insane father force him to take part in twisted prom parodies involving torture and mutilation. Will Brent’s stood up girlfriend be able to help the police find him before Lola’s personal prom night reaches its peak of insanity and bloodshed?

ELFIE HOPKINS (Horror/Horror Comedy)

HoRRoRElfieHopkins  HoRRoRElfieHopkinsTheGAMMONsDinnerTableHoRRoRElfieHopkinsELLIOTandRUBYgammonHUNTING  HoRRoRElfieHopkinsAndDylan  HoRRoRElfieHopkinsButcherBRYN

Elfie Hopkins is a twenty something amateur detective who finds her imagination building suspicions about what is going on in her rural English town. When an eccentric wealthy family named The Gammons move in next door to her father and stepmother’s house she can’t decide at first whether she likes their strangeness or should investigate them to find what skeletons they may have in their closet. Her nerdy childhood friend, Dylan, helps her dig up whatever he can on the odd family all the while harboring a long time crush on Elfie. While the Gammons claim to run an exotic travel business that sends families on extended trips around the world, Elfie and Dylan wonder if the people ever make it back home. Going “under cover” the pair visit the Gammons and attempt to “befriend” their son and daughter, Elliot and Ruby. The Gammon siblings each have deadly talents, Elliot with archery and firearms, and Ruby with samurai swords. After consulting with the small town’s butcher and connecting the dots in the Gammons’ travel history, Elfie gets some very strange ideas about what the family is doing in their spare time and where those they send on “vacation” are actually ending up. With the police and the neighbors scoffing at her wild theories will self proclaimed slacker sleuth Elfie crack the twisted case and survive it as well?

FINAL GIRL (genre: Horror)



As a child Veronica proved to be exceptionally intelligent and versatile. A mysterious man named William became her mentor, determined to teach her how to terminate a male threat in whatever manifestation it took after his wife was murdered by a gang of killers. When Veronica is on the verge of womanhood, William tasks her with her first mission. A band of tuxedo clad young men have been bringing their dates to a secret spot in the woods where they hunt them down and kill them in all manor of depraved ways. Veronica sets out be targeted by Jameson, the strapping blond leader of the boys. Pretending to fall for his charm, she makes a date with him. Veronica then readies herself to take on the unsuspecting vile youths in order to eliminate them in their own murderous game. Will she be able to outsmart and outfight the degenerate murderers? Or will her first mission be her last?

The HUNTERS (genre: Thriller/Horror)


Oliver is a stressed out middle-aged computer networker and his best friend Ronny is a long time high school teacher frustrated with the monotony of his life. They go on weekend hunting trips at an abandoned military fortress called Fort Goben to let off some steam. The problem is they hunt human prey! The missing person rate in the area has rose alarmingly high as a result and a police officer new to the area named Le Saint has taken note of it. He wants to do an investigation but his boss orders him to a protection detail on a mob informant. While Le Saint is on a jog in the park he crosses paths with a beautiful woman named Alice. Knowing the demands of his job, Le Saint is hesitant to get to know her further. When Le Saint sets out for the meeting with his informant he finds the proposed site of the rendezvous is too hot with gang activity so he tells the man meet him at the out of the way location of Fort Goben. Soon Le Saint and his informant are stuck inside the derelict fortress with Oliver, Ronny, and their disturbed young apprentices, David and Stephen, hunting them inside its maze-like walls. With other weekend visitors to the fort already falling victim to “The Hunters”, Le Saint must use his skills as an ex-special forces soldier to try and outmaneuver the psychotic killers. Matters are further complicated when Alice is found on the grounds and put in the maniacs’ crosshairs.

The Green Inferno (genre: Horror)


New York college student Justine becomes smitten with a student activist who is determined to save Amazonian primitive natives from being destroyed by a greedy corporation set on deforestation. She joins his activist group and finds herself flying in a plane over the Peruvian jungle. When the airplane crashes, the accident is the least of her problems, as the group is set upon by a bloodthirsty tribe of cannibals.

13 SINS (genre: Thriller/Horror)


After being fired from his insurance agency, Elliot Brindle is desperate for money. He has a father in a nursing home, a mentally challenged brother in a care facility, and a wedding in the near future with his fiancé. Elliot has little hope of overcoming his problems when he gets a seemingly random phone call from an “underground game show”. It is explained to him that if he competes in thirteen challenges he will be a millionaire by the end of the game. Elliot is skeptical, but after he finds $1,000 deposited in his bank account for the act of merely killing a fly he fully invests himself in the challenges. Soon he is being dared to do illegal, obscene, and dangerous stunts that escalate in insanity. In the process Elliot earns thousands of dollars at each given task with the amounts growing every time. But the rules say if he fails one of the thirteen challenges he loses all the money and will not be exempt of the legal repercussions of his actions. As a police detective investigates the strange happenings in Elliot’s wake, a jittery conspiracy theorist seeks to expose the game and the powerful people behind it. When the challenges reach heinous and murderous levels, Elliot tries to find a way out of the game. Will he be able to save the life he built before the game or will he ultimately have destroyed it?

BITTER FEAST (genre: Thriller/Horror)


Celebrity Chef Peter Gray is on top of the world with a popular television cooking show, a scheduled expansion of his signature restaurant, and a line of cookware on its way into stores. But all that comes to an abrupt halt when a widely followed food blogger named J.T. Franks writes a scathing review of a dish by Gray on his website Gastropunks. Peter’s show gives him word of its impending cancellation and his investors pull out of his developing projects. With his once pristine life in disarray, Peter Gray vents his rage on the man who he sees as the one who caused his downfall. Food critic J.T. Franks finds himself waking up chained in a cellar, with none other than cooking show host Peter Gray standing over him. While holding him captive Gray forces Franks into a series of unfairly orchestrated cooking challenges with his life in the balance. All is carried out with terrible psychological and physical torture. Meanwhile, Franks’ estranged wife has hired a private detective named Bill Coley to locate her husband. Will the sly investigator follow the clues to Peter Gray’s country home in time to stop the vengeful chef from finally killing J.T. Franks? Will Franks be able to survive the escalating insane challenges Peter puts before him long enough to reunite with his wife and make amends with her?

YOU’RE NEXT (genre: Horror)


Retired seniors, Paul and Aubrey Davison decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by inviting their four grown children and their significant others to a family gathering at their remote vacation home. But the reunion goes horrifically wrong when the mansion comes under attack by violent assailants wearing white animal masks and armed with crossbows and other savage weapons! The family is in shock as the siege turns deadly, no one can figure out why they are being targeted. Amidst the surreal bloodshed, one of the son’s girlfriends shows her resourcefulness and effectively fights back against the murderous gang of “animals”. The night becomes a fatal game of cat and mouse as the killers seek to finish the family off before morning and the family struggles to survive. But what is the motive of the gang and who is calling the shots?

WOLF CREEK (genre: Horror)


Aussie Ben takes Brits Liz and Kristy on a road trip deep into the outback of Australia to see a famous giant crater. When their vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere they think they are lucky to come across a jovial back country hunter named Mick Taylor. He offers to tow them to his home camp where he says he has the proper parts to fix their car. Ben, Liz, and Kristy take him up on it, sure that the charming outbacker is there to help. When in the dead of night they reach Mick’s homestead, he offers them food and water. Soon they wake up from a drug induced blackout finding themselves held captive. They discover Mick Taylor has been abducting and killing travelers for a long time, with many piles of other victims’ possessions strewn about his lair. Mick wastes no time in torturing and hunting them, leaving the girls and Ben to fight for their lives to escape him. But in the vast and empty outback, where is there to go? Also see: Wolf Creek 2

CHARLIE’S FARM (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRCharliesFarmPOSTER  HoRRoRCHARLIESFarmCHARLIEtwo HoRRoRCharliesFarmTheBackPackers  HoRRoRCharliesFarmCHARLIESmomMeredith

American Natasha is traveling across the outback with her Australian boyfriend Jason and friends “Donkey” Mick and Melanie. When Jason and Mick decide they want to check out a legendary haunt far off the beaten path called Charlie’s Farm, Natasha is none too thrilled. The myth of the sprawling farmland is that it was once home to a family of cannibals. The farmhands and backpackers that went missing were found to have been killed and eaten by the rancher, his wife, and their young deformed son, Charlie. When the dark truth was uncovered the locals formed a lynch mob and shot the rancher dead. His wife was beaten to death in front of Charlie. But the boy escaped and his lore grew as the years passed. Some said Charlie became a man and still walked the farm, disposing of any trespassers. When Natasha and her friends arrive on the arid acres of the farm they find little but a vandalized decrepit homestead and long deserted outbuildings. After spending a night in the house they meet a backpacking couple the following morning investigating the myth. They all spend the day exploring the farm. Soon the uneventful trip becomes a bloody nightmare when a grown Charlie rears his ugly head. The seven foot tall, scaly skinned monstrous man with protruding twisted spine and bone spurs, is a massive killing machine. With Charlie seeking to massacre everyone who dares trespass on his land, will any of the young travelers survive his brutal onslaught?

HATCHET (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)

HATCHETtitle  HATCHETVictorCrowley 

Legend tells that in Louisianna’s Honey Island Swamp there is a monster of a man named Victor Crowley who kills all who trespass. The lore says he was a deformed boy who lived hidden away with his hermit father out in the swamp. A group of troublemaking boys accidentally started their house on fire with Victor inside. He was accidentally killed when his father slammed an axe through the door in an attempt to save his son. For Victor was pushing against the door and the axehead hit him in the face. Now his enraged ghost vengefully hunts the swamp for any who dare to cross his land. Also see: HATCHET II, HATCHET III

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)

LeslieVernontitle LeslieVernon2LeslieVernonreporter LeslieVernon

You know the legendary maniacs Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger. Now meet Leslie Vernon, the next aspiring psycho slasher. Within a seemingly good natured and funny Leslie lies a cold and calculating killing machine who invites a documentary film crew to follow him on his journey to becoming the next legendary killer. When the film makers reach the point passed Vernon’s meticulous plotting and the killing becomes a shocking reality will they merely stand by and document his rampage or will they feel the moral obligation to stop Leslie’s bloody plans? Has Leslie Vernon been manipulating them all along?

SCREAM (genre: Horror)

SCREAMtitle SCREAMGhostface

Someone is taking their love for scary movies a little too far when a series of murders paying tribute to the history of horror films shakes up a small town. Sidney and her high school friends are in the middle of the murderous madness as a psycho in a grim reaper robe and a “Ghostface” mask picks them off one by one. Who is the killer and do they have a motive beyond paying homage to their favorite scary movies? Can fumbling local cop Dewey and tabloid reporter Gale Weathers solve the mystery before Ghostface completes his slasher movie murders? Will the legacy of Ghostface’s love for horror films live on? Of course it will! Horror movies always have sequels! Also see: Scream 2-4, SCREAM series MTV

URBAN LEGEND (genre: Horror)

HoRRoRURBANLegend HoRRoRURBANLegendaxekiller HoRRoRURBANLegend1 HoRRoRURBANLegendrobertENGLAND

New England college student Natalie finds herself at the center of a series of sadistic murders seemingly inspired by urban legends. She resolves to find the truth of a twenty-five year old story about a abnormal psychology professor at the school killing his students. As the fraternities prepare to celebrate the macabre anniversary of the mythic massacre, Natalie seeks to stop the urban legend killer who is unexplainably obsessed with her.

Jeepers Creepers (genre: Horror)


When a brother and sister are driving home from college they come across what looks like a man dropping bodies off on the side of the road. When the man gives chase in a rusty old truck and nearly runs them off the road, their consciences won’t let them flee from the site where the bodies were left in fear that someone might still be left alive. Searching the hole where the man discarded the bodies they find a horrifying lair full of countless victims from over many years. They travel in search of help and find little assistance in a diner full of indifferent locals and a skeptical police force. The only one who believes their story is a psychic woman who tries to make contact with them as they seek to escape the mysterious killer who stalks them on a country road in the middle of nowhere. Who is the killer? What is the killer? Also see: Jeepers Creepers 2

Stephen King’s THE NIGHT FLYER (genre: Horror)


For Richard Dees, veteran tabloid reporter, fiction always sells better than fact. His past stories of oddities, UFOs, and serial killer mayhem were all written with a little spicing up to set the check-out line shoppers to grabbing up his issues. But will the jaded Dees find his newest subject more than just fodder for bored house wives? A mysterious pilot of a black Cessna light airplane has been flying in and out of small town airports leaving mutilated victims in his wake, and drained of blood. And the kicker? He claims to be a REAL VAMPIRE! Dees doesn’t believe it for a second but the story is too juicy to let the new girl at the paper beat him to the headlines. With his own small airplane he sets out to follow the killer who he dubs “The Night Flyer”, dead set on getting the truth this time around… Even if it kills him.

1408 (genre: Horror)

1408title  1408mikeenslin

Writer Mike Enslin travels the country looking into claims of haunted sites and seeking to find evidence of an afterlife in the wake of his young daughter’s death. Jaded by his lack of paranormal findings Mike has all but given up. Then he receives a letter daring him to check into Room 1408 of a historical hotel in New York that is said to be cursed by a powerful evil. After researching the terrifying stories surrounding the room, Mike is dead set on checking in. The best efforts of the hotel’s manager can’t sway Mike away from staying in 1408. Upon entering the room Mike’s skepticism can’t hold off the horrible truth that Room 1408 is pure evil. It will stop at nothing to drive him mad and destroy him in a series of mind bending happenings that send Mike to the edge. Will Mike escape with the answers to the supernatural world he has sought for so long? Or will he die a horrible death like the other guests of 1408?

IT (genre: Horror)


In the 1960’s a group of misfit friends find themselves in danger from a dark force that threatens them all. The children in their small town are being abducted and killed by a monstrous being who takes the form of Pennywise the Clown. Their bond of loyalty to one another gives them the courage to fight the monster they call IT. When the nightmarish monster hiding behind the guise of the clown appears to go into hibernation after a confrontation, the friends make a pact to return if ever IT comes back. 30 years later, IT has awakened to bring more children into “the dead lights” and only the middle aged friends bound by their promise can stop him.

The UNBORN (genre: Horror)

THEUNBORNtitle THEUNBORNdibuk2x  THEUNBORNcontortedguy  THEUNBORNmaskeddog

When a woman is plagued by terrifying visions and people start dying around her she looks for help in understanding the dark force that haunts her every move. Her grandmother tells her of an evil being that has been drawn to their family for generations. It seeks to possess an unborn child in order to come fully into our world. Will anything stop the evil from entering our reality?

The POSSESSION (genre: Horror)

                            THEPOSSESSIONbannertitle THEPOSSESSIONbox  THEPOSSESSIONpossessedEmTHEPOSSESSIONrabbiandem

A young girl named Emily becomes oddly obsessed with a antique wooden box her father bought her at a garage sale. What he didn’t know is that the box was made to hold a dibbuk, a malevolent spirit known to Jewish mysticism as a powerful evil. The dark force slowly works to inhabit Emily and spread its terrible influence in her life. It wants to devour all remnant of her true self and take her for its own. When her father can no longer deny the dark reality he seeks out the help of a rabbi to attemp an exorcism on his daughter. Will they be able to save Emily from the evil of the dibbuk?

After Dark Originals SECONDS APART (genre: Horror)


Seth and Jonah are murderous teenage twins who share an evil kinship. Damned from the moment of their unnatural births, the identical brothers share a gift of telekinesis that they utilize to gruesome effect. As their fellow private school students start to meet some gory fates, one local detective with a complicated past begins to suspect the twins ability to commit the depraved murders. The boys continue their horrific experiments on the student body all the while toying with the authorities using their paranormal skills. But when a girl comes between the formerly emotionless twins, will they do themselves from jealous rage?

Donnie Darko (genre: supernatural/sci-fi)


In the 1980’s a high schooler named Donnie Darko begins to have strange dreams revolving around a twisted humanoid rabbit named FRANK and his predictions of the end of the world involving time travel and multiple dimensions. Donnie tries to live a normal day to day life and even starts a relationship with the new girl at school, but he can’t escape the bizarre signs that keep revealing themselves to him and the acts of vandalism FRANK the Bunny causes him to do while he sleepwalks. Donnie’s actions bring many dark secrets to light and eventually he is shown that he is the only one who can save the world.

THE CROW (genre: supernatural revenge tale)


Eric Draven and Shelley Webster were to be married on Halloween. But they crossed the wrong men and were murdered instead. A year later Eric rises from the grave followed by a mysterious crow who makes him seemingly immortal. He seeks vengeance on those who killed him and his fiance. Inspired by a mask that sat on his dresser, Eric paints his face in white and black mime paint. In his new time back among the living he also sets out to help a young girl named Sarah who was he and Shelley’s friend and who lives in the wayward part of town that is home to his killers. After confronting and killing those guilty Eric must ellude police and finally stand against the man who ordered his execution. But this man has a companion who understands the powers of the crow, and she may be able to show him how to end Eric’s immortal reign of revenge.

Seven (Crime Drama/Thriller)

SE7ENtitle SEVENpartners 

World weary homicide detective Somerset is on his way to retiring when a string of murders relating to The Seven Deadly Sins puts him on the strangest and most horrific case of his career. When he is partnered with a detective newly transferred to metro homicide, David Mills, he warns him they are going into dark territory he may not be prepared for. Headstrong optimist Detective Mills, looking to prove himself, disregards Somerset’s warnings. The new partners follow the killer on a bizarre wave of homicides that will only stop when the seventh victim is dead. Can Somerset and Mills stop the deranged killer before he completes his sermon on sin? What will the killer’s final move be?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (genre: mystery/crime thriller)


Disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist accepts an invitation to investigate a forty year old unsolved murder on behalf of the victim’s uncle, swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger. Meanwhile, tattooed computer hacker Lisbeth Salander is hired to look into Mikael’s legal troubles and discovers the truth behind the conspiracy that led to his fall from grace. Thrown together by fate, the unlikely duo of Mikael and Lisbeth uncover a secret history of murder and sexual abuse. All the while they draw closer to the heart of the evil that waits to engulf them both.

The Silence of the Lambs (genre: Horror/Crime Drama)

SILENCEoftheLAMBSdeathsheadmoth  SILENCEoftheLambshannibal

FBI Cadet Clarice Starling aspires to be a part of the Behavioral Science division at the bureau. In the midst of a series of murders by a killer who skins his victims known as Buffalo Bill, Clarice is tasked to interview incarcerated serial killer Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter for mysterious purposes. Lecter comes to personally interact with Special Agent Starling from his cell, leading her in directions that may solve the Buffalo Bill case. When the daughter of a senator becomes Bill’s latest victim, Hannibal manipulates a transfer that offers him up the opportunity for an escape. Hannibal “The Cannibal” leaves gruesome carnage in his wake even as Starling makes gains on the perverse trail of Buffalo Bill.

THE CELL (genre: Horror/Sci-fi)

THECELLcatherine  THECELLcarlstargher 

A child therapist named Catherine uses a radical new technology that allows her to enter the mind of the comatose boy that is her patient. Meanwhile a serial killer is on the loose, kidnapping young women, killing them, and turning them into life size dolls before dumping their bodies. When the investigator on the case identifies the killer as Carl Stargher, police storm his house and find him having seizured into a coma. Stargher’s latest victim is still alive and is held prisoner somewhere unknown to authorities. They approach Catherine and request that she use the “mind entering technology” of her therapy program to go into the headspace of Carl Stargher in order to find clues to the location of the last victim’s captivity. As time ticks down on the final victim’s chance of survival, Catherine must brave the deepest most depraved reaches of the killer’s fantastical and terrifying mindscape to find the answers to saving the woman’s life and connect with the innocent boy within Carl who was a victim himself.

American Mary (genre: Horror)



When Mary drops out of medical school after a traumatic incident related to her mentor she goes into an unorthodox line of work with the skills she has learned. Those seeking bizarre body modification come calling for her special fringe surgical talents. Her skill brings her to the attention of the wealthy and demented Demon Twins, identical sisters known widely throughout the underworld of body modification. In the process of augmenting her clients and making large sums of money, Mary also makes time for vengeance in a way only Mary can. But will her strange list of clients unearth a violent turn of events for Mary?

TUSK (genre: Horror/Dark Comedy)

HoRRoRTUSKmoviePoster  HoRRoRTUSKtheCaptain1 

Wallace is a 30 something controversial PODCASTER looking for off the wall stories to get his listeners returning for more. When his trip to Canada to interview a kid who had an interesting accident with a samurai sword falls through he finds himself digging for another lead in the great white north. He happens upon an odd notice posted in a out of the way bar left by an eccentric man looking for a lodger to stay in his large empty house with him in the middle of nowhere. Wallace can’t pass up the chance to talk to the man who promises to pass on strange adventures that he has had in his life. After all, for Wallace, crazy people with weird stories means big ratings. But soon Wallace finds he is part of the insane story, as the man won’t let him leave and takes his obsession for the WALRUS to disturbing and horrific places! Can Wallace’s Podcast producer and his girlfriend track him down and save him before he is left disfigured and driven to animalistic madness?

Maniac (genre: Horror)


Frank is an antique mannequin restorer who hides a dark secret life. At night he stalks and kills women. He scalps his victims and puts their hair on his mannequins. When Frank meets Anna, an artist who photographs mannequinns for her artwork, she becomes more than just a possible victim. She brings out an even more disturbed obsession in Frank related to his mother and his traumatic childhood.

Television Recommendations 

American Horror Story (genre: Horror)

americanhorrorstoryFAMILY  AHSplasticman AMERICANHORRORSTORYMoira

When a dysfunctional family moves into a storied historical mansion in Los Angeles for a steal they get more than they bargained for. The long disturbing history surrounding the house comes to horrific life bringing deadly consequences to all in its midst.

American Horror Story ASYLUM (genre: Horror)

americanhorrorstoryASYLUMtitle  AmericanHORRORstoryASYLUMbloodyface1

In the second incarnation of American Horror Story we are taken to Briarcliff insane asylum in the 1960’s. Here we are introduced to Sister Jude, a former jazz singer alcoholic nun who runs the facility with an iron fist. As the story unfolds we meet another nun possessed by a demon, a nazi war criminal doctor who experiments on patients, a serial killer known as Bloodyface (see above image) and a gas station attendant committed to the asylum who sees aliens. In the middle of all this a reporter named Lana seeks to expose the horrors of the asylum and might just get too far into her investigation to get out.

American Horror Story: COVEN (genre: Horror)

ahsCOVENtitlecard1 ahsCOVENsnake ahsCOVENpapaLEGBA

A coven of witches residing in present day New Orleans, that dates back even before The Salem Witch Trials, struggles to persevere amidst a rivalry with infamous voodoo priestess Marie Leveaux and internal magical conflict of their own. Who among the young witches will survive the treachery of their elder Supreme Witch Fiona Goode? What powers will emerge in the possible successor to The Supreme? With a vengeful minotaur on the rampage, witch hunters in their midst, and a dismembered frat boy resurrected with black magic…Can anyone prevail?

American Horror Story: FREAK SHOW (genre: Horror)

AmericanHORRORstoryFREAKSHOWdevilsheadgateway  AmericanHORRORstoryFREAKSHOWthetwoheadedwoman AmericanHORRORstoryFREAKSHOWTwistyTHEclown5 AmericanHORRORstoryFREAKSHOWnph 

In the dying days of the traveling freak show, when television is quickly taking over, Elsa Mars struggles to keep her sideshow afloat in 1950s Jupiter, Florida. Her family of freaks look to her as a mother figure and she uses that to her full advantage even as she secretly longs to escape to a career in the burgeoning entertainment industry in Hollywood. The town’s people are both fascinated and hateful of the menagerie of oddities in the freak show. When trouble constantly rears its head for the mostly good natured freaks things get bloody and terrifying real fast. And circling the drama is a silent maniac clown who murders some of his victims and kidnaps others for a captive audience!

American Horror Story: HOTEL (genre: Horror)

AmericanHORRORstoryHOTELdingDING AmericanHORRORstoryHOTELmatressCrEEper AmericanHORRORstoryHOTELsally1 AmericanHORRORstoryHOTELtheCountessElizabethAndUNDEADchildren

The Hotel Cortez of Los Angeles has plenty of vacancies but if you check in you may never check out. As the home of a decadent vampiress known as The Countess, many a strange occurrence and depraved act have befallen the art deco architectural monstrosity. From wayward drug addict ghosts to rapist demons, the halls of The Cortez have seen it all. An L.A. homicide detective named John finds himself a resident of the hotel as he seeks to find the connection between the horror storied building and a serial killer who uses The Ten Commandments as an inspiration. But will the detective be able to separate his own tragic past from the surreal goings on at the hotel?

Penny Dreadful (genre: Horror Drama)


HoRRoRPennyDreadfulFrankensteinsMONSTER   PennyDreadfulVAMPIREDracula1 PennyDreadfulWITCHdemonicForm1  HoRRoRPennyDreadfulBRONAcroft

Named for the lurid and sensational rag papers of the day, our story takes place in late 19th century London, where an unlikely gathering of misfits join forces to combat supernatural threats to the city and their circle. They continue to meet in the mansion of famed explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, whose daughter Mina Murray, has disappeared after becoming the obsession of a VAMPIRE. Seeking to help Sir Malcolm in finding his daughter while solving and stopping peripheral paranormal dangers are: Vanessa Ives, a psychic medium of a growing vast potential, Ethan Chandler, a mysterious American gunslinger with a dark past and a terrible secret, and Dr. Victor Frankenstein, a young innovative scientist working on experiments dealing with life and death itself in his spare time with spare human parts. Even as the fight is taken to a certain master of the undead to save Mina, a host of players come in and out of the group’s lives. Malcolm tries to fend off the affections of a socialite spiritualist called Madame Kali the best he can in order to honor his cold and distant wife. But as she continues to blame him for both their son’s death in Africa while exploring, and for the abduction of their daughter, he has become emotionally weary and weak. Demons aim to latch on to Vanessa and isolate her from the company while corrupting her powers. A prostitute with tuberculosis named Brona Croft leaves Ethan in love and broken-hearted as investigators from across the Atlantic and Scotland Yard itself have eyes out for him. A patchwork monster that violently arrives back in Victor’s life in a fury wants it’s demands met along with answers from it’s maker. One known as Dorian Gray, ambiguous and seemingly eternally youthful, takes special notice of those leaving and arriving at Sir Malcolm’s mansion. The wealthy art collecting gentleman with a penchant for strange things puts himself in their path as he sees fit. And hovering in wings with darkest motives are a brood of witches, a coven known as The Nightcomers, sworn to do the work of Satan on Earth.

The STRAIN (genre: Horror)

THE STRAIN -- Key Art CR: FX    TheSTRAINjuly12bHoRRoRTheSTRAINephANDnora   HoRRoRTheSTRAINabrahamSetrakianThomasEichorstHoRRoRTheSTRAINvampROCKER  TheSTRAINTheMASTER

An ancient vampire master, giant in stature and seemingly all powerful, uses it’s vampire underlings and corrupt human agents to deliver it’s ornate coffin into New York. The Master intends to infect the population with vampiric worms that invade the bodies of unsuspecting men, women, and children and turn them into mindless monsters with massive pronged tongues that gorge on blood. At first career oriented CDC scientist Ephraim and his partner Nora are in total disbelief of the vampire epidemic, but as the streets become overrun with the infected, not even the level headed Eph can deny the reality of the vampire threat. Having always struggled between family life and his work, Eph tries to keep his young son Zach safe and close even while he does everything he can think of to battle the raging STRAIN. Meanwhile, The Master’s vampire lieutenant, Eichorst finalizes plans to expand the infestation with a wealthy New York industrialist who has been guaranteed a cure for his deadly ailments and even greater power than he has already known. Patiently waiting for the right moment to strike is an elderly Abraham Setrakian, a life long vampire hunter, who carries a silver wolf’s head cane meant for killing his nemesis. When Ephraim and Abraham meet will their opposing methods of science and the supernatural put them at insurmountable odds? Or can they form a viable team strong enough to gather followers to their desperate cause to end the vampire apocalypse?

Stranger Things (genre: Sci-Fi Horror Drama) NETFLIX


It’s 1983 in the small town of Hawkins. A group of misfit boys find their world turned upside down when their friend goes missing. Soon they realize nothing is as it seems when a nearby laboratory comes into question. While the boys, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas search for clues to their buddy Will’s vanishing they meet a mysterious girl known only as Eleven. She seems at first to be near mute, but it becomes clear she escaped from the lab. As revelations bring to light a dark dimension beneath reality inhabited by a powerful horrific black creature, Eleven shows she has powers of her own. Will the boys master the science needed to save their friend? Or will the dark dimension assimilate them all?

iZOMBiE (genre: Horror Drama/Horror Comedy)

iZombieCposter  iZombieLIVmoore2iZombieLIVandRAVI iZombie1LIViZombieBLAINE3     iZombieBLAINEinMORGUE

Liv Moore was a rising star in the medical profession that rarely took a break from her never ending grind to enjoy life. Ironically, the one night she took off to have a little fun ended in the party she attended being attacked by ZOMBIES. She was left for dead but having been infected by the zombie virus is resurrected in a state of confusion not long after her death. Liv finds she is now a ZOMBIE as well, but not the shambling corpse Hollywood always depicts. While she stays unnaturally pale and without a heartbeat, Liv realizes she can appear alive and human to the world at large that is totally unaware of the existence of zombies as a reality. The catch to the continuing the deception of life is that she must consume HUMAN BRAINS! For if she does not digest brains she will become more and more like the mindless flesh eating zombies of legend and popular media! With her life turned upside down, Liv gives up on her dream of being a doctor and takes a job as a city coroner. The strategic upside to this flip in careers is that she has a buffet of human brains right before her everyday as corpses are delivered to the morgue for autopsy examinations. It is of course a relief to Liv that she doesn’t have to fight the urge to kill a living human being for brains. Soon her boss in the coroner’s office, Ravi, discovers Liv is a real live (or rather undead) zombie! But her fear of her secret getting out is put at ease, for Ravi has long had a theory that zombies existed and is fascinated by Liv’s condition. He becomes her new closest friend. When the two realize that Liv gains flashes of memory from the consumed brains of the murder victims that come through the morgue that offer insight into open cases, they pass her off to the homicide department as a psychic! Liv also finds she takes on some of the victims’ wide variety of traits to comical effect! She begins to help a struggling detective close cases but when things get dangerous Liv is shocked to gain zombie powers that escalate into inhuman strength and invulnerability to deadly attack!  When what she sarcastically calls “Zombie Rage Mode” kicks in her eyes turn bloody red and she loses control. But she learns to maintain her appearances and things are going well for Liv until a stranger named BLAINE walks into her life. Blaine is also a zombie, but in life he was a drug dealer, and he too was at the party Liv attended that was invaded by zombies. At first Liv can’t get a true read on him, but it doesn’t take long for her to suspect Blaine is at the heart of something very bad that is growing in the city. She has the unsettling feeling that zombies are not going to be as rare as she had hoped and certainly not in control of their brain lusting appetites.

TRUE BLOOD (genre: Horror Drama/Horror Comedy)


After a way to synthesize human blood is discovered, vampires no longer feel the need to hide in the shadows of society feeding on humans in secret. Now they can live amongst us and drink bottled TRU:BLOOD, the manufactured synthetic blood, to fulfill their needs. Both humans and vampires alike struggle to deal with this new reality. There are many people who distrust vampires and many vampires who are still secretly preying on humans. When Merlotte’s bar in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisianna gets its first vampire customer, Bill, mind reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse is fascinated by him. All her life she has had to deal with people’s thoughts invading her mind. But Bill is a mystery to her. She can’t read his mind. Soon they are in a romance interfered with by both vampire authority and human kind. Her brother Jason doesn’t want her anywhere near vampires, and the local vampire sheriff, Eric Northman, has taken a deep personal interest in Sookie of his own. Not long after the revelation that vampires are real, more supernatural beings come to light. Packs of werewolfs, shapeshifters, witches, demons and even….fairies… enter Sookie’s small town life. Now Sookie, always having felt different from everyone else, will learn her true nature, as she is part of something otherworldly herself.

Tales from the Crypt (genre: Horror/Horror Comedy)


A series based on the 1950’s era EC Comics horror comic books Tales From the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, and The Haunt of Fear. The Crypt Keeper is our guide to a near unlimited collection of stories of the macabre and terrifying with some ghastly humor thrown in for good measure. Recommeded Episodes: The Man who was Death, Dig that cat…He’s real gone, Cutting Cards, Television Terror, The Ventriloquist’s Dummy, Carrion Death, The New Arrival, Lower Berth

HOLLISTON (genre: Horror Comedy) (FEARnet)

HOLLISTONtitle HOLLISTONAdamGreenandOderus

Based on infamous Hatchet director Adam Green’s life after college before he found Horror movie success, the story follows Adam and his friend Joe as they work shooting cable access commercials while struggling to get their horror movie project about undead soccer players called Shinpads off the ground. With Cable Access manager Lance Rockett (Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame) always get’n up in his personal space and Oderus of the band Gwar (who lives as an imaginary friend in Adam’s closet) giving him advice and life lessons, it is not an easy existence for Adam. Endlessly debating horror film pop culture with friend Joe and dealing with the consequences of zany adventures keeps Adam busy even while he obsesses over ex-girlfriend now trial friend Corri. With appearances by horror legends like Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, and Danielle Harris and dialouge like “Go find your mogwais David Lopan!”, HOLLISTON is not to be missed for the horror film geek in us all.

The Walking Dead (genre: Post-Apocalypse Zombie Drama)

THEWALKINGDEADtitle THEWALKINGDEADzombies TheWalkingDEADWwalker TheWalkingDEADMichonneWithPETS

When the world ends in a zombie apocalypse only a scattered remnant of humanity survives. Led by Sheriff Rick Grimes, one group of survivors battles through the empty landscape of the world that is left behind in a struggle with hordes of undead “walkers” and dangerous bands of survivalists. In the fight against the zombie masses can the humans who remain hold onto their humanity and morals? Or has the world changed so drastically that the ways of the past are gone forever? Living in a world where the odds are hopelessly against them, are the survivors the true Walking Dead? Also see: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD

The Following (suspense thriller/crime series)

THEFOLLOWINGtitle THEFOLLOWINGbodypoetryedgarallenPOE1

When a university english professor turns out to be an Edgar Allen Poe obsessed serial killer FBI agent Ryan Hardy takes him down before his trail of murders can continue. But the ordeal took its toll on Ryan, left with a pace maker in his chest after being nearly stabbed in the heart by the killer, Joe Carroll, he stuggles daily with his health and alcoholism. When Joe Carroll escapes and starts his rampage anew, Ryan must dig for the strength to save those in his path. During Joe’s incarceration Ryan had an affair with his ex-wife and now Hardy is being put in the middle of a new killing spree that involves her. Whether Joe is free or jailed matters little, for he has a FOLLOWING of killers waiting to do his bidding. Can Ryan Hardy stop them?

Bates Motel (genre: Drama/Horror/Mystery)


CHECK-IN. RELAX. TAKE A SHOWER. A contemporary reimagining of the Bates mythos. We find Norman Bates as a young man dealing with the unforseen death of his father and life with his ever flighty mother Norma. After her husband’s life insurance policy clears Norma relocates young Norman and buys a motel doomed to live in infamy. Many shadowy happenings unfold in the town where they have moved, White Pines. Perhaps they are not the only unbalanced inhabitants. When a whirlwind of violence and lies take hold, Norman and Norma have to stick together to survive.

HANNIBAL (genre: Horror/Crime Procedural)


DINNER AND A SHOW. Before his incarceration for gruesome murders and cannibalism, Hannibal Lecter was a respected psychiatrist. His serial killer persona was known as The Chesapeake Ripper in the media before anyone had a clue to the killer’s identity. FBI Special Agent Will Graham, a man with a mind that sees like a serial killer, is on the trail of The Chesapeake Ripper and other depraved killers that move in his shadow. Hannibal Lecter is soon brought in to consult on the murders and plays a game of cat and mouse with the FBI. How long can Hannibal keep his true identity a secret from his new partner, Will Graham? When will Hannibal Lecter be found out for who he truely is? Hannibal “The Cannibal” awaits.

DEXTER (genre: Serial Killer Drama/Comedy)


It’s hard out there for a serial killer who only kills other killers. It is all part of Dexter’s moral code that was taught to him by his now deceased police detective father who adopted him as a toddler after his mother was murdered with a chainsaw in front of his eyes. Working as a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro, Dexter must walk the line between his police work and his need to follow his “Dark Passenger” and kill. Will Dexter have to change his code in order to survive?













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